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Affordable Projector Screens for the Home and Office

Whether it’s for the office or home, MyDeal has a great selection of projector screens. With our range of projector screens, you can create the perfect home cinema. Watch videos, films, your favourite TV show to binge and documentaries with a large audience without having to squeeze all eyes on a small screen. Projector screens are great for parties, whether you’re screening a new film or showing visuals or digital art to create an ambient environment.

As companies and networks go global, it becomes that much more important to keep in touch with customers and suppliers worldwide. Meetings and conferences become digital over software like Skype to cut costs of travel and increase efficiency as compared to email communication. Meetings and conferences, however, rarely happen on a one-to-one basis. Department heads and other concerned employees need to be involved too. Since body language and gestures are given a lot of importance in communications, it becomes difficult to accommodate everyone on one screen when holding large meetings. With a quality projector screen, employees will feel more involved in discussions and meetings, keeping them motivated and working to their best potential.

Instead of trying to cram everyone into one screen or leaving out important members, use portable projector screens to make video conversations flow more smoothly. Ranging between 100 and 150 inches, high-quality projector screens allow for high-definition viewing and attention to detail.
Whether you’re after a 100 inch projector screen or an 150 inch projector screen, we’ve got you covered with a great selection.

Projector Screens Delivered to Your Doorstep

Ranging from $89 to $339, our range of projector screens are affordable and versatile. Whether you're looking for a portable projector screen, a wall-mounted projector screen or an electric projector screen stand, our projector screens are space-efficient convenient and of the highest quality.

Our products come with 12-month warranties to safeguard your interests. We provide door-to-door delivery service all across Australia permitting 7-14 business days for delivery. Browse our great range of projector screens and projectors today.

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