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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

father's day gifts

Everyone should be familiar with fathers’ nonchalant attitude towards gifts. Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, dads usually tend to say they don’t need anything. But this is probably one of the few times you should not listen to them. Father’s Day is on next month (4th September) and instead of wondering what to get Dad for Father’s Day, browse MyDeal for the perfect gift.

This Father’s Day Gift Guide can help you find the perfect present from a wide array of products.

For The Garden Lovers

If your dad loves to take care of the garden at home then there is nothing better than getting them some gardening supplies. From tools to storage items, you can find some good quality garden grooming products on MyDeal.


storage rack for garden tools

It may not seem like much but a storage rack can be very helpful for someone who likes to maintain their garden. All your big tools such as shovels, pitchforks, brooms, rakes and more can be easily stored in this rack. It has about 40 slots giving you plenty of space to store tools. Small and big tools can easily fit within this storage rack. If your dad has a lot of gardening tools that are splayed out in the garage or the garden shed, this is the ideal gift for them.


tool box

Speaking of storage, a storage box is also an excellent gift for Dads that like to collect all kinds of things. These storage boxes can be kept indoors or outdoors. It can store gardening tools, old toys or anything that your dad likes to keep stored. These weather-resistant storage boxes can double up as a bench and with a 490 L storage capacity, they can store a lot of things.


Garden maintenance means trimming the grass every now and then, especially if you have a big garden. Lawn mowers are also a great gift but can be a bit heavy to drag around the garden. A trimmer gives the grass a natural trim, is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered around the garden. This 3-wheeled trimmer comes with two large wheels and an auxiliary wheel for better control. The three attachments provided are a cutting saw blade, 3-tooth blade and bump feed trimmer head. This bad boy will last a long time and the easy handling will not give your dad a backache every time he trims the grass in his beloved garden. It’s a win-win really!

The Kitchen Masters

Kitchen appliances and barbecue grills will always be appreciated by our lovely Kitchen Dads. Whether it is cooking, baking or barbecuing, you can find a lot of different appliances and tools to gift to your dad this Father’s Day.


air fryer

We have all considered buying an air fryer for our home at some point. They are an excellent investment after all. However, if you’re gifting your dad an air fryer for Father’s Day, take it up a notch. Gift them an air fryer with a french door that has additional features like roasting, baking and broiling as well. It is big enough to air fry or roast a whole chicken. Furthermore, the digitised display makes it easier for you to read the cooking time and the transparent view from the doors gives you a clear view of the cooking process.

There are a few french door air fryers part of our Father’s Day Gift Guide on MyDeal and all are available at varying prices. So, take your pick!


portable bbq grill

If your dad is a fan of camping and barbecues, we have the perfect gift for you. The Weber Smokey Joe Portable BBQ Grill is exactly what your dad needs on their next camping trip. This barbecue grill can be used anywhere. The lightness and the small size allow you to carry it around with ease. It comes with self-standing legs, steel plated cooking grill, rust-resistant aluminium dampers and a lid to prevent burns. Whether your dad is heading to a friend’s place, going camping or hosting a small barbecue party in their backyard, this is the perfect grill for them.


3 in 1 pizza oven

Why would you settle for a simple pizza oven when you can have a barbecue grill and smoker as well? These 3-in-1 pizza ovens are perfect for someone who enjoys cooking and , perfect for outdoor kitchens, these pizza ovens, smokers and grills can help you cook up a feast. they come with a chimney for the smoker, a premium steel rack for the grill and an integrated thermometer for the pizza. These charcoal pizza ovens can give your grilled meats and vegetables a very smokey flavour. they also come with an additional shelf on the lower half to store cookware or charcoal. So, if your dad enjoys outdoor barbecues and making pizzas, this would be a great gift.


cast iron french oven casserole

People who like to cook will always love a good cast iron french oven casserole. Cast iron is perfect for cooking and baking since it heats up evenly resulting in a perfectly cooked dish every time. Soups, stews, pasta bakes, cobblers or bread can all be cooked in this one dish. Moreover, Le Creuset is considered a luxury kitchen item and that is what makes it the most suitable gift for someone who enjoys cooking.

Tech Loving and Gamer Dads

Whether your dad has their own gaming set-up or just enjoys keeping up with the latest gizmos in the market, certain tech or gaming-related products would prove to be good gifts.


air pods
smart watch

When looking for tech gifts for your father always ask yourself whether they prefer Apple or Android products. If the answer is Apple, then you can filter down your options. Apple AirPods 3rd Generation is a great gift for anyone who likes in-ear headphones. These multi-tasking in-ear headphones are great for people who enjoy listening to music while on a run; they can be used for taking calls and also responds to the summoning of Siri. Additionally, an Apple Watch is a great way to keep track of your daily activities. It connects easily with an iPhone, displays your notifications and also acts as a digital wallet, all while showing you the time like an obedient wristwatch.


MyDeal offers a wide range of Tech Gifts for Father’s Day, ranging from Google Nests to Speakers. For music-loving dads, we’ve got a fine range of headphones.

Starting with Sennheiser’s HD 458BT Over-Ear Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. These beautiful foldable headphones come with 30-hour battery life and excellent sound quality.

Our second choice is Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones. These beautiful headphones offer premium sound quality and let you take calls along allowing features like activating Siri!

Our last recommendation would be the Bose QuietComfort 45 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones. Along with magical sound quality, the noise cancelling feature offers a Quiet and Aware Mode. Quiet mode cancelling any outside noises and the Aware mode allows some surrounding sounds.


gaming chairs

Whether your dad likes to game or has a home office, a gaming chair can be the perfect gift for them. Ergonomic gaming chairs are made to provide your back, shoulders and neck all the support they need. These chairs are meant for you to spend hours sitting in. Along with your back, you also get enough support for your arms and the design offers extra support for your lower back. If your dad ends up spending a little too much time sitting in the home office or gaming, then these gaming chairs are what you need.

A Very Dad Thing

There are certain items that you know YOUR dad would like. Whether it is massage chairs, ugg boots, a wine cooler or the classic “Best Dad Ever” mug, you can find all this here.


sheepskin shoes

Stray away from your classic ugg boots and buy your dad a pair of ugg moccasins. These are super comfortable and feel like you’re walking on clouds when worn. Available in the typical Ugg colours- Black, Chestnut and Pink, these moccasins will be adored by your dad.


massage leather chair

Instead of booking them a one-time massage appointment, gift your father a massage chair that can be used at any time. Massage chairs can be placed in the living room or bedroom and come with many useful features. If you need a full-body massage without going out of the house, these chairs are perfect for you. Moreover, you can choose from different types of massage chairs that offer different kinds of massage styles. Additionally, if you’re unsure about getting a massage chair then a massage gun is the next best thing. For sore muscles and massaging targeted areas on your body, the massage gun is quite ideal.


wine cooler

Wine enthusiasts are very particular about their wines. The origin of the wine, the flavour undertones, the region it was made and the temperature it is served in makes all the difference. For all the wine-lover dads, you can get a stylish wine cooler. The Devanti Wine Cooler can store up to 34 bottles at once and has a compact design that can fit in one corner of a room.


baby shoes
best dad ever glass

It may seem cliched to get your dad something that says “Best Dad Ever” or “World’s Best Dad”, but these gifts will surely bring a smile to your dad’s face. Get them a pair of non-slip slippers to wear at home that says “World’s Best Dad”. They are comfortable, warm and soft- perfect for wearing around the house. Additionally, gift your dad a beer mug that says “Best Dad Ever”, to show them your love for them and that you acknowledge their love for beer.

Place your orders for your gifts now and have them delivered before Father’s Day on 4th September.

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