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How to Clean Your Mattress

Discover tips and tricks on ways to effectively clean and remove stains from your mattress. As well as make it look brand new again. Find out more.

Make Your Stained Mattress Brand New Again

You probably clean your sheets regularly, but what about your mattress? The average person spends at least six to eight hours in bed every night. During this time, your body releases oils and skin cells that end up on your mattress and can cause those common stains, especially if you’re eating or drinking in bed. Because it gathers dirt, it’s so important you clean it regularly, particularly if you suffer from allergies or have pets. The good news is your mattress isn’t that difficult to clean when you do it right. Your mattress is a serious, long-term investment that you want to last, and cleaning it can make it look brand new again and remove odours.

So how do you properly clean your sheets?

The first essential step is to strip your bed 

Remove all the bedding covers, including your pillowcases, sheets and mattress protectors if you have them. It’s an excellent time to clean these, too, as they also contain bacteria and dirt, so pop them through the wash while you’re cleaning your mattress. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone.


Once you’re removed the sheets and it’s just your mattress remaining, it’s time to gather your cleaning supplies so you can clean properly. The most crucial things you’ll need when disinfecting your bed is a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, stain remover or your DIY remover and cleaning clothes. These serve a crucial part in the sanitising process that can turn a stain-covered, old mattress into a high-quality brand new one. 

First Vacuum

Start the cleaning process by vacuuming your entire mattress, including the surface and sides. Ensure you get into all the seams and slots thoroughly, as that’s primary where most of the dirt will reside. Don’t put it away after you do this step; you’ll need it again later on.

TIP: If you have kids, this is a fantastic opportunity to let them go wild and jump on your mattress. This gives them a fun-filled few minutes and brings up the dirt and dust, making it easier to vacuum.

Spot Clean

It’s common for mattresses to develop stains over time from spills, messes, and typical, natural body odours. The good news is it’s pretty easy to clean if you do it right. Before you start trying to remove the stain, the most important thing to remember is not to soak, add water or any cleaning solution directly to the mattress. This can cause a build-up of mould and increase the number of stains rather than removing them. This is especially crucial to consider if you have a memory foam mattress which has to stay completely dry at all the time for their integrity.

Whether you use a DIY stain cleaner or one from the shops, read the instructions properly before you start cleaning. Different stains require different treatment processes, so check if your cleaner can remove them and measure out the amounts accordingly. Do NOT use carpet shampoo – mattresses aren’t meant to get wet as this can lead to a mould build-up. This is also why you should avoid using a steam cleaner.

Instead of spraying directly onto the mattress, sprinkle your remover to a cleaning cloth first and then onto the stain. Remember, less is more. You can always add more products, but you can’t remove them if you’ve used too much. Pat the stain with the cloth until the product covers the entire stain. Then with another cloth, add some cold water and dap it around the stain until it lifts. It may require some gentle scrubbing to lift effectively but remember to use a delicate brush and don’t be forceful because you could end up doing more damage to the mattress, impacting its integrity.

Adding Baking Powder

Whilst it may sound weird, adding baking powder to your mattress is a crucial part of the cleaning process. Baking soda is a natural deodoriser that absorbs moisture, odours and breaks down acids. Plus, it doesn’t contain fragrances or irate allergies. It’s essential to use a natural deodorant and not essential oils. Because they are an oil, they attract dirt and can cause permanent staining.

Baking soda not only helps with smells, but it’s also perfect for making your mattress thoroughly clean. Add a decent amount to the entire surface of your bed and rub it lightly with your hands. Don’t worry; it’s super affordable and easy to come by, so it won’t matter if you use heaps. Then leave it on the mattress for a minimum of 15 minutes. The longer you leave it, the better because it has more time to absorb odours and bacteria.

TIP: Open your windows and curtains while you let the baking soda sit. This helps kill any mould or bacteria living in your mattress.

Second Vacuum

Once you’ve let it sit for a decent period, vacuum the bed again to remove the baking soda and all those odours along with it. A brushing attachment added to your vacuum nozzle can be beneficial here to get in and remove all that dirt clinging to your mattress but remember: Don’t forcibly push down on the nozzle because it will cause less suction. While you’re vacuuming, it offers the perfect opportunity to also vacuum your bed frame and remove the dust it collects. 

Flip Your Mattress

The next step is optional but essential to do at least every three months. That is to flip your mattress. For convenience, we recommend you do this at the same time as you clean your mattress. Flipping your mattress means it’s getting evenly used on all sides and areas, which even outs pressure and leads to a longer-lasting bed. Once you’ve flipped it, repeat the same cleaning process you did on the first side to ensure a deep, thorough sterilising.

Reassemble your sheets, covers, mattress protectors and toppers.

By now, your mattress should look a lot cleaner as well as smell and feel better. From there, it’s just about putting your covers and sheets back on. 

TIP: A protector over top of your mattress not only adds comfort but it safeguards your bed and keeps it clean. In fact, if you own a mattress protector, you’ll find you don’t need to clean your mattress as regularly as you would if you didn’t. They collect a lot of the dirt and bacteria that would typically fall to the mattress, as well as messes and spills. So instead of deep cleaning every three months, you’d only have to do it a couple of times a year as long as you remembered to wash your mattress protector. If you don’t own one, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment that comes in various sizes, materials and different features to meet your needs. Waterproof ones are incredible if you’re a night snacker or drinker.

Always put your mattress protector or topper on before your sheets or covers. A fitted sheet is the best option for superior cleanliness as they’re better at keeping dust off.

Your mattress will smell fresher, look and feel cleaner once you’ve done this, and you feel better sleeping on it too.

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