EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout Powder

EnduraCell Broccoli Sprout Powder

Broccoli sprouts to the rescue!

EnduraCell contains a standardised concentration of Sulforaphane (1.2%), the bioactive plant chemical for which broccoli sprout is renowned as one of the most highly-regarded health-promoting vegetables.

In the early 1990s, a research group at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. made a remarkable finding. They discovered that the broccoli sprout was a concentrated source of the bioactive plant chemicals found normally in the broccoli vegetable.

In fact so concentrated are these bioactive compounds that the sprout contains 20-50 times more than in the mature vegetable! What this means is that a small amount of the sprout is the equivalent of eating a large amount of vegetable! Great news if you don’t much like eating broccoli sprouts!

The scientists who made these remarkable discoveries showed how the broccoli sprout contains a substance called Glucoraphanin which is contained in a little sac inside the plant cells. They also found that another sac inside the plant cells contained an enzyme called Myrosinase. The fascinating thing about these plant cells is as soon as the plant is cut or chewed, the contents of the two sacs come together and the enzyme is activated. The result is a brand new substance called Sulforaphane (pr. Sul-4-a-Fane). The intact whole plant doesn’t contain any Sulforaphane at all!

It is the Sulforaphane which has continued to fascinate many research groups across the world. It seems that the Sulforaphane is the substance which is responsible for the well-known benefits of eating broccoli sprouts as a vegetable.

A new branch of Nutrition Science called Nutrigenomics explains how certain nutrients in foods can ‘talk to’ the genes in our cells. This may sound extraordinary because for a long time, it was thought that nutrients in foods were just ‘building blocks’ in our body’s cells.

Sulforaphane can be called a nutrigenomic substance because it ‘talks to the DNA in our cells’. By ‘talking to the cell’s DNA’, Sulforaphane has been shown to switch off and switch on certain genes in response to various signals. These genes govern various important aspects of the cell’s function. The science to explain this is extremely complicated but the good news for us is that at last scientists have found a reason to explain why broccoli is so good for us.

A superior strain of Broccoli seed is used to grow healthy young sprouts in a controlled-growing environment using specialised technology and without any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals. The sprouts are harvested at their peak and then processed to a fine concentrated powder which selectively removes the inhibitors whilst maximally retaining the essential bioactive compounds, the Glucoraphanin and the Myrosinase enzyme. EnduraCell is 100% whole dried broccoli sprouts with absolutely nothing added! It has been produced to yield 1.2% Sulforaphane (or 12,000 ppm – parts per million).

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