100% Cotton - Allergy - Dust Mite - Bed Bug - Quilt Encasement

100% Cotton - Allergy - Dust Mite - Bed Bug - Quilt Encasement

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Product Description Dust Mite, Allergy, Bed Bug, Quilt Cover, 100% Cotton The latest in textiles technology, Our 100% cotton quilt covers will protect you against dust mites, bed bugs, & allergens. You will find these effective against conditions such as Allergies, Asthma, Rhinitis & Eczema.This encasement is easily unzipped and removed for ease of laundering. You can throw this right in with your sheets and tumble dry on medium heat. The hypoallergenic surface is soft, cool and breathable. Excellent for the warmer months and those who get hot easily.This item is a commercial grade product and has the same protection the whole way around. Not all encasements are made equal. Before purchasing a quilt encasement ensure that its microporous and has the same protection on all sides.Our 100% cotton is OEKO-TEX certified. It has been tested for over 300 dangerous chemicals and additives which are found in most cotton fabrics on the market such as carcinogenic& allergy-inducing dyes, pesticides, heavy metals,formaldehyde etc. Oeko-Tex certified products arerequired to have skin friendly pH which is perfect for allergy sufferers (function() { if(!window.hypervisualIsEditorContext) { var sliderOptions = { loop: true, autoplay: { delay: 24000 }, effect: 'slide', fadeEffect: { crossFade: true }, containerModifierClass: 'hypervisual__slider-container-', wrapperClass: 'hypervisual__slider-wrapper', slideClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide', slideActiveClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-active', slideDuplicatedActiveClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-duplicate-active', slideVisibleClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-visible', slideDuplicateClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-duplicate', slideNextClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-next', slideDuplicatedNextClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-duplicate-next', slidePrevClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-prev', slideDuplicatedPrevClass: 'hypervisual__slider-slide-duplicate-prev', buttonDisabledClass: 'hypervisual__slider-button-disabled', lazyLoadingClass: 'hypervisual__slider-lazy', lazyStatusLoadingClass: 'hypervisual__slider-lazy-loading', lazyStatusLoadedClass: 'hypervisual__slider-lazy-loaded', lazyPreloaderClass: 'hypervisual__slider-lazy-preloader', preloaderClass: 'preloader', zoomContainerClass: 'hypervisual__slider-zoom-container', notificationClass: 'hypervisual__slider-notification' }; sliderOptions.pagination = { clickable: true, el: '.hypervisual__slider-pagination', bulletClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-bullet', bulletActiveClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-bullet-active', modifierClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-', currentClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-current', totalClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-total', hiddenClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-hidden', progressbarFillClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-progressbar-fill', clickableClass: 'hypervisual__slider-pagination-clickable' }; sliderOptions.navigation = { nextEl: '.hypervisual__slider-button-next', prevEl: '.hypervisual__slider-button-prev', }; var slider = new Swiper ('#hypervisual__slider_638764267', sliderOptions); window.addEventListener("load", function(event) { slider.el.className = slider.el.className.replace('hypervisual__slider-container-pending', ''); slider.update(); slider.pagination.render(); slider.pagination.update(); }); } })(); Don't leave it a second longer, ORDER today, WE’LL ship tomorrow YOU "Get Back To Dreaming". Back To Quilt Covers

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