The Refuge: Terror from the Deep

The Refuge: Terror from the Deep

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The Refuge: Terror from the Deep?is a new standalone version of B&B's 2016 board game?The Refuge: A Race for Survival.

In?Terror from the Deep's Competitive Dive 2-6 divers compete by racing to the goal and planning movement to outwit their opponents ? all while escaping from the Kraken's wrath! The object of the game is simple: Be the first to an unlocked escape pod and you'll escape with the cargo and win!

On your turn you take a single action:
-Move your character orthogonally
-Draw a Salvage card
-Play an Salvage action
-Use a Character Ability

As you move you activate spaces on the board. For example: the Spawn space adds pesky tentacles that slow your opponents down and the Lair space controls the Kraken's tentacles. Combining your hand of cards with your movement allows you to string together combos ? propelling you toward the final goal. Don't wait too long for the perfect combo ? the board will fill up quickly with tentacles and the Kraken is always hungry!

The Refuge: Terror from the Deep?also features new 1-4 player solo and cooperative gameplay in which players work together to defeat the Kraken! In a Cooperative Dive you and your teammates will have to work together to accomplish a series of challenging objectives as the Kraken threatens to overwhelm you. Can you escape?

GTIN: 856577007139

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