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MyDeal’s Click Frenzy Deals for 2022


It is that time of the year again. MyDeal’s Click Frenzy Sale is back with a bang! With deals that will knock your socks off, our Click Frenzy Sale offers a variety of products from home & living to camping essentials. Beginning on 8th November 2022, look forward to our Click Frenzy Sale to stock up on all your favourite items and maybe even buy a few Christmas gifts while you’re at it. Lucky for you, our Click Frenzy Sale goes on till the end of the week. Additionally, you can get an extra $10 off if you use the code: FRENZY

Shop To Your Heart’s Content

Get ready to shop for everything you need during our massive Click Frenzy Sale. We recommend looking at all the products you already have on your wishlist. Additionally, make a list of things you need for the home and for yourself and start shopping this Tuesday!

Take a look at the products within all the categories mentioned below.

Home & Living Store

Sales are the best time to shop for home products. Whether it is furniture pieces, decoration items, tableware or home accessories, most of our home products are available at amazing prices during the Click Frenzy Sale!

Kubo 5 Piece Round Cheese Serving Board & Knives Set

Price: $14.95

Cheese boards are a very popular entree for dinners and home parties. If you enjoy a fancy cheeseboard with your favourite wines every now and then, a serving board and knife set are what you need. 

DukeLiving Swell Boucle Swivel Accent Chair 

Price: $279

Add a little extra oomph to your living room or bedroom with a swivel accent chair. Accent chairs can really bring the room together. We offer a $100 price drop on the DukeLiving Swivel Accent Chair in White during this Click Frenzy Sale. So, if you think this white accent chair can swivel your opinion into adding one to your living room, then this is the time to buy it.

The Aromatherapy Co. Candle + Diffuser Gift Set

Price: $14

A good sale also means an excellent time to buy gifts for Christmas. Candle and diffuser sets are perfect gifts for just about anyone. If you are buying a gift for a friend or a colleague and are unsure of what to buy, get your hands on the Aromatherapy Co. Noir Et Blanc Velvet Blossom Candle 100g + Diffuser 35ml Gift Set.


Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $969

Cleaning equipment is always a must-have for any household and there is better than a Dyson V12 to tidy things up at home. This handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to move around giving you complete control over the cleaning of your home. This is a great product to invest especially when cleaning up the house for Christmas is just around the corner.

DukeLiving Premium Vintage-Style Tractor Barstools 

Price: $99

Whether you’re trying to add some seating to your home bar or just need bar stools around the kitchen island, these vintage-style tractor barstools are an excellent choice. The natural look of this barstool set will be ideal for any interior design style. Don’t let go of this opportunity and get your hands on this set of two barstools for your kitchen!

DukeLiving Huntington Beach Bar Cart

Price: $99

Impress your guests with a stylish and practical bar cart. Roll in the drinks every time you have your friends over and watch them admire this beautifully luxurious-looking gold bar cart every time. The functional design allows you to put your drinks as well as store your alcohol bottles at the same time. Ditch the trays and get a bar cart to serve drinks to your guests in style!

Le Creuset Signature Stoneware Mini Cocottes 

Price: $99

Cook to your heart’s content with these mini Le Creuset pots. You get stoneware at its finest with these pots that give you the opportunity to cook up delicious soups and casseroles. Additionally, their colour is the highlight of these pots which makes them perfect as serving dishes.

Top Trending Tech

For all tech enthusiasts, we have got an amazing range of products available for sale during Click Frenzy. Whether you’re searching for Apple AirPods or a Chromecast, it is all right here. Click Frenzy Sales are the perfect time to load up on or upgrade all your tech supplies.

Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case

Price: $175

Get the perfect accessory for your iPhone. The Apple AirPods 2 can work perfectly with iPhones and is an ideal companion during your runs. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the battery life, since you get a charging case that comes with fast charge technology. Just make sure your case is charged and you’re good to go!

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen Smart Display

Price: $75

Smart homes are all the rage right now and rightfully so. With the click of a button or a voice command, you can do so much. Moreover, when the price for a smart device like the Google Nest Hub is so low, nothing should stop you from getting one for yourself immediately.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Price: $265

Samsung phone owners can rejoice, for we offer these superb in-ear headphones at a great price during this Click Frenzy Sale. Providing high-quality 360 audio for the whole cinematic experience, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is what you need for your Samsung phone. Get yourself a pair in the classic graphite colour and enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Massive Toy Sale

Make your kid’s day by buying them the best toys. The best part is that you can buy a bunch of toys and not end up spending too much money on them. Whether you’re buying birthday gifts, or Christmas presents or just want to indulge your child a little, we have a collection of toys for you!

LEGO City Police Station

Price: $79

If your child enjoys playing cop games then this lego set is perfect for them. You get details such as a jail breakout function, crooks’ exercise yard along with a police car, helicopter and more. Building this extremely detailed is a fun activity that the parents can participate in as well.

LEGO Disney Isabela’s Magical Door

Price: $20

Bring your love for the Disney movie “Encanto” to life with this Lego set. You get to open the magical door as it comes with a lock. Moreover, you can customise this toy allowing your child to get as creative as possible.

Monopoly Australia Edition

Price: $20

Navigate through the popular locations of Australia and try to acquire as much land as possible with the Australian edition of Monopoly. Enjoy an evening full of land grabbing and debt collecting with your children!


Camping & Outdoor Superstore

Are you looking for some camping or outdoor garden products? MyDeal’s Click Frenzy Sale brings you a wide array of camping and outdoor items. From garden storage sheds to camping tents, there is a lot you can choose from.

Caribee Crossover Outdoor Chair Black

Price: $89

Outdoor chairs are a useful thing to have around the house, especially when the chair is foldable. Whether you’re going to a friend’s place for a bbq, heading to the beach or going camping this folding chair will be very handy. With a frame made of steel and non-sag fabric for the seat, this outdoor chair is quite sturdy and durable!

Caribee Firestone Double Sleeping Bag

Price: $114

If you’re going on a camping trip with a friend or your partner, this double sleeping bag is ideal for you. Stay warm and sleep like a baby despite the cold weather outside. With dual zipper entries and integrated pillows, this sleeping bag is a must-have for regular campers.

Caribee Spider 4 Easy Up Camping Tent

Price: $194

A good camping tent is crucial for any camping trip. The Caribee Spider 4 Easy Up checks all the boxes for a good camping tent. It is waterproof, lightweight provides great ventilation and is available at a great price. Get all your camping essentials during this Click Frenzy Sale.

Manchester Mayhem

All your bedding needs can be settled with our Manchester Mayhem range.

Sheet sets, pillows, pillow covers, mattress toppers and more are available at amazing prices during our Click Frenzy Sale. This is the time to get your hands on the Egyptian Cotton sheet you’ve always wanted or the luxury towel pack you need.

Sheraton 1200TC Sheet Set White

Price: $49

Lie in the lap of luxury with the Sheraton 1200TC sheet set. These cotton and polyester sheets are smooth and comfortable along with being easy to maintain as well. You can find all sizes available for $49, so treat yourself and purchase a few sheet sets during Click Frenzy.

Jason Family Allergy Sensitive Pillow

Price: $45

One of the major reasons for disturbed sleep is your pillow. If you don’t have the right set of pillows that are perfect for your head and shoulders then you are bound to have sleeping problems. The Jason Family Allergy Sensitive Pillow is a pack of 4 pillows with two medium and two firm pillows. Along with a breathable cover, these pillows are low-allergenic and anti-fungal.

CleverPolly Tufted Quilt Cover Set White

Price: Starting from $37

Get extra comfort with these clean and classy quilt cover sets. If you are looking for comfortable quilt covers, this is an excellent choice. The tufted texture makes it look luxurious and inviting. Starting from $37, the CleverPoly Tufted Quilt in white comes in a variety of sizes as well.

The Shopping Mania Has Begun

Make the most of MyDeal’s Click Frenzy Sale and buy all your favourite products at amazing price points. These are the discounts you have been looking forward to all year. Make sure you get your favourite products since the offers remain till stocks last. Take a look at our product range on sale and place an order ASAP!

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