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Safeguard Your Phones From Damage With High Quality Screen Protectors

A new phone usually costs a few hundred dollars, replacing a cracked screen could however sometimes cost up to one-third that price: in comparison, that is a lot. Ironically, the screen is also the most prone to break. All it takes is one bad fall and ‘boom’. If we’re lucky only the screen cracks but a lot of the times the entire LCD cracks making the phone inoperable. It could take days till the next time you get to go to the store to get a replacement. Getting a screen replacement alone could take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.

Rather, try these tempered glass screen protectors and save your phone’s screen from undue scratches, scrapes and cracks. This product has a high quality multi-layered structure; the release film layer, composite silicon layer and coating layer all ensure your screen is safeguarded as much as it can be. Despite that, you will not have to compromise on clarity or the resolution of the screen. This item is also anti-UV and anti-glue, which means that when you decide to take it off there will be no residual glue marks.

Say Goodbye To The Annoying Cracked Screens

Unlike ordinary protectors, this product is easy to apply and leaves no air bubbles on the screen either. After a 10% discount, this product is priced at $26, making it affordable and convenient. Protect your phone screen with our product and save!

Order yours today and receive a delivery to your doorstep within 7-14 business days, depending on your location in Australia.

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