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Shop Online And Save On A Universal Phone Holder For Your Phone

Are you one of those people that love taking selfies, not just of yourself but with your friends too? Getting that perfect selfie can take forever, sometimes there are too many people, sometimes your hand starts shaking or sometimes the angle isn’t right. We all have that one friend who is the tallest or has the longest hands so we ask him or her to take the selfie hoping that it would be the best picture.

Have you considered buying a selfie stick? Make taking selfies that much easier and hence faster with these products. We have options of Bluetooth selfie-sticks too, so you don’t have to hold your hand out to click the button. Just connect your phone to the small remote control through Bluetooth and click the pictures with ease.

Keep Your Phone Where You Want It

Mobile phone mounts would also make for a great birthday present for that one friend with the selfie obsession. Apart from that, we also offer holders for several other purposes. Use the GPS on your phone while riding a bike (hands-free of course) with a bike holder for phones. We also have a range of holders with inbuilt chargers for those that don’t like carrying a separate power bank and wire along with the phone.

Ranging from $12 to $469, this range has something for all phone types. Place your order and expect delivery in 7-14 business days. We provide door to door delivery services all across Australia.

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