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Let Your Little Ones Feel Like Adults With This Range Of Pretend Shopping Toys

Are you tired of your little one pulling down every product in the supermarket when you take them grocery shopping? Let them have their own little supermarket shopping experience at home with this range of pretend play shopping toys for sale at our online store. This range features prices from affordable at $39 to more extensive, fancier choices at $185. The product’s highlight is the fake cash registers so your child can play the shopper or the owner of their store. This would be a great form of entertainment while they also learn the names of fruits and vegetables on their playdates.

These Will Keep Them Occupied For Hours

These bright colours and very realistic depictions of the products make it a beautiful toy for your child to stay occupied with for hours. Some even feature a mini-kitchen so they can go grocery shopping and cook a fancy but fake meal for everyone all by themselves! Train the little ones while they are still little, so once they grow up, they can help with the chores at home, be it grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning.

Toy Supermarket Playsets Delivered Straight To Your Door

We deliver to almost every state in Australia within 7 and 14 business days, depending on the exact location. We ship to major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane very quickly and regional areas with time allowance. These products come with varied warranty periods, so make sure you check the product as it is delivered. Feel free to call us on (03) 9998 6805 or use our online query form if you need any other information.

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