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Start Enjoying Better Entertainment With A Windows Tablet

Are you always worried about sharing your laptop or tablet with someone else, even for a brief period of time? What if they go through your personal files? What if you get an email or whatsapp notification while someone else is using it? What if they stumble upon some texts or pictures that they really should not? What would you say if they ask you something? You feel bad saying no when someone asks you to let them borrow the device for 5 minutes, but in those 5 minutes you think of every possible file you might have on it and think of the consequences of someone seeing that file. It is only human nature to be secretive.

Make privacy a priority and stop panicking every time someone asks to borrow one of your devices. With these window tablets for sale, unlike iOS and Android systems- a windows 8 device you can configure more than one user account. Make yourself the admin and add another guest account for when someone else needs to borrow your device. Each account is protected by a different password and only customisable by the admin account holder. Allow your guests to view only the basic apps (google chrome, adobe, and maybe some games). Ensure that no notifications pop up when on the guest account and monitor your guest’s every click on the device.

Brand New Devices Delivered To Your Doorstep, Hassle-Free

Maintain your privacy, while also remaining polite by not letting them borrow the device. Furthermore, you can also enable cloud sharing between this device and your windows laptop for easy transfer of files.

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