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Go To Bed In The Wild With Our Range Of Soft Campings Beds

Shop Camp Beds with us to find a wide range of options that accommodates all camping circumstances. You can expect some of the finest product quality in this selection as they have been designed to endure all Australian camping conditions. Our thermal products are excellent for providing heat and comfort when Australian temperatures drop during the night. Furthermore, many of our items are waterproof in case of torrential rain, snow or other unexpected conditions. This range includes prices to accommodate the budgets of all Australians with prices beginning from under $20 to leading market products priced at $395. If you want even fancier but easy-to-carry options, our air beds will be perfect for your camping adventures.

Sleep Comfortably Wherever You Are

The most important factor to consider when shopping for mattresses or stretchers is comfort when you sleep. We have stocked the most comfortable options to ensure you are sleeping well during your trips. We have inflatable designs with strategically placed grooves to support all muscles when sleeping. They are designed to prevent any pain from sleeping in the incorrect position. This range also includes mattresses that do not need to be inflated. Find sleeping bags combined with a surface to save money on a blanket and mattress. They create more storage space when you are travelling and can be put away easily for storage.

Get Yours Delivered Today

Getting the right mattress, especially when you’re not in the comfort of your home and in the middle of a forest or mountain, is very important. Sleeping bags and air mattresses can be very useful on your camping trip and can easily be stored with the rest of your equipment. If you like going camping regularly then these camping beds are exactly what you need. Some of our products may be eligible for free shipping. We also sell tents, camping generators and swags to provide you with ultimate comfort on your camping trip.


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