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Browse our range of water pressure pumps, ideal for anything from filling up toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen taps, showers, irrigation systems or watering the garden.
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High-Pressure Washer Pumps For Sale For Your Gardening Tasks

Shop our wide and diverse range of brands and products from MyDeal Australia. Within our collection, we have something to suit your needs, no matter what they are. We have pressure washer pumps for water tanks that are perfect for industrial use, farming, garden or home use. This range of units has been built to last, using the highest quality components to ensure a regular, reliable, trouble-free water supply on demand. Jam-packed with awesome features, some units come with a Fully Automatic Electronic Controller which monitors your system to provide adjustable flow when taps are turned on and off. Other units include automatic notifiers so that if your water supply runs dry they automatically shut off, as well as provide thermal protection. You will never have to worry about your unit getting damaged with our high-quality products!

The Best Products Online With Our Store

Suitable for household gardens or farming these impressive multistage units are your reliable working partner. These pressure pumps are quite powerful and are great for either cleaning or watering down an area. Each unit has strong motor power, a massive flow rate and a strong body with anti-corrosive materials packed with every feature that makes them perfect. Moreover, you are able to freely adjust the pressure switching to suit your needs.

If you have seen those pressure washing videos and find them extremely satisfying then this is your cue to get one for yourself. Whether it is a dirty car, pool, rug or floor, these pressure pumps are perfect to have around the house. Our entire range is available at cheap rates and you can even get some of them shipped for free. We ship across Australia, including major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.


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