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Let Your Little Ones Reach New Heights

Every child has "trampoline" at the top of their wishlist, loving the weightless and free feeling provided by jumping on a trampoline. MyDeal offer a wide range of trampolines in various sizes, with our 6ft trampolines being suitable for toddlers and preschool aged children wishing to try a trampoline for the first time. These trampolines are designed with safety in mind, featuring soft netting that prevents falls and padding that provides cushioning in case your little one has a stumble. Our 6ft trampolines also sit low to the ground, meaning they are easy for young children to enter and exit without risking a fall. This means parents can have complete peace of mind in the safety of their child when playing on the trampoline. These 6ft trampolines are also the perfect size for small backyards - who says your child has to miss out on fun just because you have a small outdoor area!

Our competitively-priced 6ft trampolines also make it more affordable than ever to give your kids what they have always wanted. Better yet, trampolines are the perfect way of helping your child stay active. Because your trampoline will be right in your own backyard, your child will be able to enjoy activity whenever they like, instead of having to wait to be taken to the playground. Trampolines are especially goof ro the development of your young child, as it helps them improve their balance, strength and coordination. As your trampoline is in your own backyard, you will also be able to easily monitor and supervise your little one.

Delivery You Can Count On

At MyDeal, we know how bulky trampolines can be and how bothersome it is to transport them home. This is why we offer fast and reliable delivery throughout Australia, meaning you can get the trampoline you want delivered right to your doorstep. If you are looking to buy a trampoline in time for your kids' school holidays, you can also be sure MyDeal will deliver them in a timely manner. Looking for other ways to keep your kids active? Browse our outdoor play equipment and pedal ride on toys.

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