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Bring the bar to your home with our range of pool & billiard tables. We have pool tables available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your home.
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Get A Center Shot With Our High Quality, Customisable Pool Tables

Playing pool with your mates is a fine way to enjoy your night at the pub. However, there is nothing better than playing pool with your mates in the comfort of your own home. We pride ourselves on having the best prices and deals available for our customers. So, look no further than the deals in our store.

Stylish and sophisticated, our products are a great accompaniment for any home and workplace. These strong and sturdy items are constructed in a way that allows you to play extensive games for hours and hours on end. With a durable wool green playing surface and a rich wooden finish, our full-sized pub tables are an excellent addition to liven up the party with your mates, and work colleagues.

We also understand that having the most illustrious and elegant products on the market can come with a high price tag. Well, look no further than our affordable and family-friendly tables. Equipped with an automatic return ball system and constructed of premium MDF, playing pool at an affordable price has now become that much easier. Play more games with our amazing range of affordable table tennis tables and all other table tennis equipment so that you can further stock up your game room.

Mult-Function Sets And Equipment Delivered To You!

The best part of these products: these tables are also available with multi-purposed covers that can completely change the game you’re playing. Wanna beat a friend at table tennis or poker after a game of pool? Well, now you can with these multi-purpose tables. With each product accompanied by many accessories, these are now a must-have item for any open space.

Have a closer look at our products sorted through our online store by popularity, brands and price. Find the one that is best for your space and get it delivered to your home as soon as possible.


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