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Power Up With Our Amazing Range Of Solar Battery Chargers

The perfect conditions for camping are fine, sunny and no clouds in sight. It is also great for our solar panel chargers that need that direct sunlight to help charge all our devices. We are charging extremely great prices for our brand new range that is now available in the Camping Accessories section.

Solar panels have become an incredibly popular product to have for our homes to save on our electrical bills. Now, solar panels are incredibly mobile and very versatile in their practical use. Whilst the main function of panels is to be energy efficient, these groundbreaking products have become a great battery source on the road.

Our Prices Will Have You Truly Powering Up

Products such as the battery maintainers allow for maintaining 12-volt batteries in standard vehicles and small boats. These solar products are waterproof and solar battery charged so you can use the energy gained at your convenience. Also available is our great range of 40 Watt controllers that allow for your panelling to stand fold-out once on a flat surface. These great Coleman products are weatherproof, maintenance-free and incredibly easy to install.

We have over 20,000 products available and are all sorted by price, brand and popularity. Some of the items that are available to purchase are eligible for free shipping throughout Australia, so check out our amazing products you can purchase online.

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