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Apart from watching TV shows and movies or reading for entertainment, one common pastime is playing games. Be it computer games, the Playstation, the Wii, on a PSP and now even on your phone. Studies have shown that certain games even help in developing a child’s cognitive skills - they learn better hand-eye coordination and learn to recognise objects sooner due to the game’s interactive and colourful nature. Even as adults, the thrill of playing on a larger screen such as a television is much higher than that of playing video games on a phone or portable device.

Make the gaming experience in your home that much more enjoyable with our range of hi-tech gaming gear and accessories. Increase interactivity with our range of controllers so that players feel like they’re actually in the situation as opposed to just playing a game. With our headsets, you can rest assured the sound quality will not be compromised. Have the F1 experience while racing from your living room. High-sensitivity gaming mouses make every click count that much more, in a game like ‘Call of Duty’ or GTA, a second’s delay in clicking can result in your opponent shooting you. Use our range of mouse to make every second count. We also offer gaming keyboards for those that prefer to play games on a computer.

Equip Your Console With Value For Money Gear

Ranging between $8 and $499 - this range has products that will appeal to every gamer out there. Browse through the variety and select the product that most speaks to you. Immerse yourself in the gaming world with just a few purchases. We provide delivery services all across Australia in metro cities and regional areas. Call our customer service teams for more information on our products, delivery or warranty related details.