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Keep cool in the summer months with our affordable air coolers. Compact and portable, our air coolers are suitable for any room in the house.
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Don't Break A Sweat With Our Air Coolers

If air conditioners are too much for you or not suitable for your living space or budget, our cooler range is a portable solution for your home cooling needs. Whatever your price or space range is, We have a product for you. Our range consists of many brands, that are well-trusted names in the industry for evaporative air cooling and heating. Our collection is continually expanding, and we're adding more items constantly.

You can sit back and enjoy a cooler home for a long time as all our products come with a two-year replacement warranty. They also come jam-packed with features such as variating speeds, low water alarms, hygienic filters and remote control options. Additionally, they are easy to move and shift with situated wheels and handles. We have many different brands you can choose from each with its own unique features. You can rest assured that when you order an air cooler from us, you will always get good quality products.

Keep Your Cool All Summer

Evaporative air coolers are a great way to cool down your room. They generate cool air using moisture from water and help cool down the room on those really hot days. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper and easier way to spend your summer, air coolers are the way to go. MyDeal has a wide range of air coolers available for you to choose from. You can browse through our brands and choose the evaporative cooler that suits you best.

If you're short on time and space for transporting large boxes of furniture and appliances, that would not be an issue with us. All you need to do is choose and order; then, we'll bring your product to you straight to your doorstep for instant use, no matter how large or small. Wherever you are in Australia, we ship to you!

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