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High Quality Back Massage Chairs For Sale Online At MyDeal Australia

After a long day at work, you just want to come home and watch that game that's on or that TV show that you recorded, while you put your legs up and eat your dinner. The only thing missing is a nice massage to wash away all that stress. The idea that only a Masseuse can give you a nice massage is an old one now. They are still the best, but you don’t want to go to a massage parlour everyday - you can’t sit back and watch the game there!

With our range, you’ll feel like you’re getting a professional massage in your own home everyday! Sit back, put your legs up, eat your dinner and watch your game or TV show while the chair provides 100% comfort. Our products range in price; for those who are not too sure and just want to try it out at $95, and for those who want the whole deal once and for all at $3955. The cushions are soft and of A-1 quality to ensure optimum comfort. Our range (depending on the model) features several different modes of massage, heating functions for the back and feet (with adjustable heating), inbuilt speakers, recliner options, antibacterial coating (in case you’re sharing the chair with others and just want to be extra careful) and even music synchronisation features - so the massage and music are in sync.

Deluxe Seated Massage Chairs Delivered Straight To Your Door, Nationwide

To find out more feel free to contact us through the online form or phone our customer service team during business hours. This product is shipped all over Australia including NT and TAS. The warranty for our product ranges from 1-2 years depending on the model - but you can rest assured that these are durable, reliable and of the best quality.