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Give your kids the ultimate gift by shopping our 12ft trampolines. Sturdy and designed with safety in mind, they can jump as high as they can without worry.
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Reach New Heights With a Brand New Trampoline

There's nothing better than feeling weightless on a trampoline and being able to survey your surroundings from a new perspective. Most kids (and big kids!) have always wished for a trampoline that they can enjoy with friends and family. MyDeal offers an extensive range of 12ft trampolines at affordable prices, ensuring every household can enjoy endless fun. 12ft is the ideal trampoline size for many families, as they can usually accommodate up to 200kg. This means parents can join in on the fun or your child can invite several friends over to try their new trampoline out. If you've got a little bit of extra space, why not opt for a 12ft trampoline that the whole family can enjoy!

Of course, safety is a top concern for parents looking into buying a trampoline for their kids. The range offered by MyDeal uses some of the best quality materials to ensure your child’s safety at all times. What's more, all our trampolines come with netting to prevent falls and padding from cushioning any stumbles. This means you can let your child play outdoors without a worry in the world.

Get Moving the Fun Way!

Concerned about how much time your kids spend in front of the TV? A trampoline is a perfect way to encourage them to get active, as it doesn't even feel like physical activity! With a trampoline, your kids can develop their strength, balance and coordination, without needing to go to the local park or playground. As the trampoline is right in their backyard, your kids will end up getting heaps of physical activity. The best part is that you can easily supervise your kids while they play, as they will be right in your backyard. Decided it's finally time to get your kids the trampoline they've been asking for? Turn to MyDeal for fast shipping and quality products! Looking for other ways to keep your kids active? Browse our outdoor play equipment and pedal ride-on toys.


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