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Get High Speed Television Connection Anywhere In Australia With Our TV Antenna

Are you one of those old school television lovers? The set-top boxes just don’t cut it. You need to see the friction in the connection, the sudden black and white grainy screen and hear the static sound in the background to feel like you’re actually watching television. Have you ever scrolled through the 100 apparent channels offered and only 20 or so really work, because the wind changed the angle of the antenna or a cloud is covering the satellite position or some other technical error?

Then this is the product for you. These durable outdoor digital antennas will bring you the old school television experience, but may not cause as many frequency problems as you may be used to. They are high range, expandable rods that also catch digital connections. With horizontal and vertical adjustable options, these products are durable and resistant to strong winds and rains - extremely compatible with the fluctuating weather patterns in Australia.

Don't Worry About Shaky Signals Ever Again

Priced between $55 and $139, these products are compact enough for you to attach them to a caravan and enjoy television on the go too. Set the frequency you want and enjoy your favourite channels from anywhere.

These products are paired with up to 5 years of warranty to insure your use. We provide delivery options all across Australia within 7-14 business days of placing the order. Contact our customer service team if you need further clarifications on the shipping and warranty processes.