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Efficient Ironing Appliances for Wrinkle-Free Results

Tackle ironing with ultimate efficiency with MyDeal’s range of high-quality ironing appliances. Designed with you in mind, our ironing appliances deliver a top-tier performance that ensures your clothes and linen are crisp and wrinkle-free. With advanced features and innovative technology, ironing becomes a breeze, saving you time and effort while achieving impeccable results.

Whether you're ironing delicate fabrics, heavy-duty linens, or intricate garments, our range of steam irons and garments steamers offers versatile solutions to meet your needs. From shirts and jeans to curtains and bedding, our irons can handle all kinds of garments.

Reliable and easy to use, our irons are powerful and precise offering consistent results every time. With safe and reliable irons from leading brands, there’s no need to worry about stains or spills ruining your clothing.

With advanced features and adjustable temperature settings, you have full control over the ironing process for crisp, fresh results. Browse our range of steam irons today!

Versatile Ironing Appliances

Say goodbye to wrinkles, creases and frustration with our range of ironing appliances.
Whether you’re looking to replace your old iron, need a new sturdy ironing board or looking for ironing accessories, we’ve got you covered at MyDeal.

Built to last, our range of ironing boards is made for seamless ironing. Compact, stylish and lightweight, our ironing boards are suitable for even the smallest of spaces. With ironing accessories including wall-mount ironing board holders, ironing mats and protective ironing bags, you can ensure your clothes stay in top condition.

At MyDeal, we offer fast delivery across Australia, delivering straight to your doorstep. For more appliances, browse our huge range today!


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