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Stay On Top Of Your Garden This Season With Our Range Of Moisture Meters

Take your gardening to a whole new level with one of our accurate moisture meter tools. It’s a must have in every serious gardener’s tool box, so that you can stay informed about the percentage of water in the substances you are working with. You can now simply test the moisture content, sunlight exposure, PH value and temperature of your garden's soil from the click of a button! With the Digital Soil Survey Instrument you will be able to determine and control conditions for particular flowers species and colourations, grass planting and controlling garden virescence. The physical properties of a substance are greatly affected by the amount of moisture it contains, and thus it is important to track this quality of any materials you are working with, in a garden or elsewhere. 

You can also purchase a Digital Wood version which enables you to test the moisture content of wood by percentage. If you’re unsure if dried timber is ready for use or you are wanting to locate problematic moisture build up in structural timber then this is the tool you need! This helps you look out for issues such as twisting or warping due to dimensional changes caused by levels of moisture. Our products are exactly what you need to keep track of these levels and be successful in your endeavours! 

We Ship Straight To You So You Can Keep Gardening

Don’t waste time running around trying to find these tools yourself, simply order online and we will ship straight to your door. At our online store, we provide you with a range of affordable, quality items that you or your special someone will enjoy. We ship to major cities very quickly and to regional areas with some time allowance. If you have any other queries about our product range you can contact our friendly customer service line or fill out one of our online forms.