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Let Loose With Your Own Trampoline

Whether you've got a child or are a big kid at heart yourself, a trampoline is the perfect way to have hours of fun. Our 10ft trampolines are an ideal size for many backyards, with enough room for 2 or 3 children to enjoy but not being so large it will take over your entire backyard. Trampolines are the perfect way to ensure your kids stay active without the hassle. There's no need to take them to the park or an exercise class when they can have endless fun right in their own backyard! Better yet, you can easily supervise your kids from your deck or patio, ensuring that they are safe while they play.

There's no doubt that most kids these days don't get enough physical activity. Instead, they spend the bulk of their day indoors on digital devices, which is detrimental to their long-term health. By providing an easy and safe way to be active, you can ensure your kids get enough fresh air and sunshine while also developing their strength, balance and coordination. Because trampolining is so fun, your child won't even think of it as exercise! What's more, your child can also invite their friends over to try out their trampoline, making it a fun social activity too

Safety Above All Else

Of course, when purchasing a trampoline, parents often worry about the safety of the product. MyDeal stock tried and tested products, all of which include netting and padding to prevent and cushion against falls. For added peace of mind, choose a trampoline that is low to the ground so that your little one can easily make their way on and off the trampoline. If your kids have been nagging you about finally getting a trampoline, order online at MyDeal today for prompt delivery. This also eliminates the hassle of transporting a bulky package, with your new 10ft trampoline arriving right on your doorstep. Looking for other outdoor play ideas? Browse our outdoor play equipment and pedal ride on toys.

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