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Cool off during the summer months with our range of air conditioners. From split systems to portable air conditions, we've got a high-quality air conditioner to keep the temperature down.
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Explore A Variety Of Affordable Air Conditioners For Your Home or Office With MyDeal

Are you looking for an affordable air conditioner for your home or office? We’ve got options for you! Here at MyDeal, we stock a range of high-quality aircons from various brands for your convenience. Whether you’re hunting for a split system, portable or window-mounted air conditioner, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop online with MyDeal.

Plus, we offer free delivery on a range of air conditioners for your convenience.


Keep Cool All The Time With A High-Quality Air Conditioner

Trying to escape the blazing heat in your home? With an affordable air conditioner from MyDeal, you can. We stock a range of high-quality aircons from thousands of brands, including HiSense and Mitsubishi, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

After an aircon that you can take with you on trips or into different rooms? Why not buy a portable air conditioner? For your convenience, these aircons are easy to move around and will keep you cool all the time. With self-timers, remotes for easy use and high-power capabilities, it’s the perfect choice for your convenience. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable!

Really want a powerful air conditioner but don’t have the wall space for one? No worries, we’ve got heaps of window-mounted aircons for you. Just as effective as a wall-mounted one, the window placed air conditioners free up space and keep your home cool all day and night long.

Take the bother out of buying an air conditioner when you buy online with MyDeal and have the product delivered directly to your door.

Save Big On A Range Of Air Conditioners Online With MyDeal

Are you hunting for a high-quality air conditioner for your home but worried about the price? Worry less when you shop with MyDeal. Here we offer a range of affordable aircons from major brands like Panasonic, SONIQ, Domain and many more for your convenience.

Whether you’re looking for an evaporative air conditioner or a universal one, we have thousands of options for you. So, they fit perfectly in your lifestyle, we have aircons that come on wheels, are portable, and flow in multi-directions. With features like night mode, auto starts, horizontal and vertical swings, you’ll get all you want and more when you shop with MyDeal.

Looking for a cooling system that will also keep you warm during winter? Look no further because we have options for you. A range of affordable aircons on MyDeal are three in one, to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Whatever you’re searching for, we have thousands of sales, discounts, and price drops on a range of air conditioners and air coolers so you can buy the perfect one for your home regardless of your budget. Start shopping online with us today and save heaps.


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