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Make Coffee The Professional Way With Milk Heaters And Frothers Now Available At Low Prices

Having the compact coffee machines are excellent for family homes. However, a majority of the new innovative machines don’t come with the ability to froth milk. We have a great range of Milk Frother Machines that will allow you to create beautiful, silky and frothed milk like a professional barista.

No need to wait in the morning cafe rush, when you can create your own cappuccino at home. The Expressi Cafe range were the innovators of this brand new system. This practical and stylish system was the first to give homeowners an external milk frothing system. The Expressi range enables the operator to create hot, frothed milk in 80 seconds. The powerful mechanism is operated with the press of one button.

Just Enjoy The Perfect Latte 

The ability of frothing milk at home or work has become an incredibly easy process. However, if you’re wanting to adjust the amount of heat and froth that accumulates into your milk, well you’re in luck. The new range of products from kitchen appliance brand Breville have features of ‘cold-stir’, which enables a slower mixing system to operate inside the frothers. With unique frothing discs available, you can choose between the option of creating the perfect cappuccino or latte.

If you require more information about the amazing products we have available in the Kitchen Appliances range, including the Coffee Espresso Makers range. Please feel welcome to contact our customer service team through our online enquiry and telephone services. Many products available are eligible for free shipping throughout Australia.