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Kid's Trundle Beds – The Perfect Solution For Sleepovers

When your kids have guests over, the biggest difficulty is providing a sleeping space and then cleaning up after. This children's trundle beds collection features bed frames with a pull out bed. When not in use, these drawers can be used for storage. These products are a win-win – they are affordable, save you money on purchasing an extra bed and optimise space. We have a king single and single sizes available. Furthermore, we have a plethora of styles available to accommodate every interior.

There are many premium designs available including PU leather, Italian knit fabric and Wood. We also sell individual items to fit matching bed frames. This range is highly affordable as is our bed frames range if you are looking for beds for an adult. We have price reductions that you won’t see anywhere else! We have up to 40% off on products in this range and prices to accommodate the budget of every individual.

A Storage Solution For Kid's Bedrooms

As a kid, we all remember wanting bunk beds and wanting to climb up to the top bunk to feel like we’re on the clouds. Our range of trundle beds come with storage. You can easily store your bedsheet sets and quilt sets within the bed. This saves you the hassle of looking for more space to store your bedding. If not bedding, the small knick-knacks that your kid has lying around the room can easily be stuffed in the bed’s storage. This will keep the room clean at all times and will allow your child to learn how to clean up after themselves.

Keeping kids’ rooms clean is a challenge when they have many toys and don’t clean up after themselves. These beds are an easier way to store things, without purchasing an extra storage unit! It uses the space under a bed which usually would not be used otherwise.


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