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Connect Numerous Pen Drives To Your Computer With A USB Hub

Pen drives are by far the most convenient mode of transferring data from computer to computer securely without having to connect to the internet or turn the bluetooth on. They are compact and easy to carry around, store and operate. Having said that, given how convenient they are, we tend to have more than just one pen drive. Sometimes, you want to transfer data from one pen drive to another, or move the data from the pen drives into an external hard drive as backup, but it is a hassle as you have to first connect the one pen drive to the computer, copy the files on to the system, then plug in the next pen drive or hard drive and copy the files on to that to back up. Instead of copying once, you have to do it twice.

A powered USB hub allows you to connect four or more pen drives or hard drives to a system at once, so when copying files, all you have to do is drag and drop from the one to the next device without having to copy it to the computer first. Sort through files on several external drives all at once to make sure there is no overlap or loss of important data.

Make Data Transfer Much Faster And Safer

Ranging from $17 to $155, this product is available in several colours, brands and number of USB ports. You can also use these as extension cords to charge your devices: phone, camera, ipod and the likes straight through the USB port instead of a charger head. Some of our products also feature a 12 month warranty, for more information about this contact our customer service team.

We offer delivery services all across Australia, with delivery timings ranging between 7 and 14 business days.