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Experience Inflight Entertainment With A Car Monitor

Isn’t it exciting flying? The airport, Duty Free, the special service you get inflight, and the best of all: the individual screens so you can watch whatever you want and enjoy your travel. You don’t have to watch whatever they’re playing for everyone or fight with a sibling, partner, parent or friend who you are sharing an iPad or Tablet with. You can choose your own movie or TV show, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, all at your own will. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have this liberty in cars too? So when we go on trips there is constant entertainment for everyone individually and fewer fights.

With our range you can have this liberty in a car too. We offer a range of options from simple stand alone monitors to twin pillow headrest car media screen monitors, ranging from $51 to $365.

Catch-Up On Movies On Long Rides 

Our products come with built-in speakers, 3D games, AM/FM transmitters, USB ports, SD card slots, HDMI inputs and many more features. We intend to provide the best customer experience for you, and so ensure that the screens on these monitors are of high quality and would cause little to no eye damage while travelling.

These HD, touchscreen products will make you feel like you are mid-air inflight even on the roughest of roads. Our delivery system branches all over Australia, with a 7-14 business days delivery time. Call our team if you need more information, we’re always happy to help.