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Protect Your Servers From Malfunctioning Once And For All

If you’re having speed issues with your network and don’t know what to do or know what the problem is but can’t fix it because all the wires are tangled up and you can’t find the one you are looking for without potentially loosening the others. If you are scared to go into the computer room because there are so many wires lying loose all over the place, and you’re afraid you might accidentally trip on one or that there might be a short circuit, and you’re looking for a quick and affordable solution, then you’ve come to the right place.

These server racks are a one time fix to speed issues with networks and wires lying around loose. Made of high-quality steel, these products can endure heavyweights, and yet be wall-mounted to save space. The glass doors on these cabinets allow you to monitor your network without having to touch any wires or stick your hands where you don’t want to. The doors are lockable to make sure only certain people have access to the network so there are no mishaps.

We'll Help Keep Your Computer Setup Secure 

Ranging from $111 to $1505, these cabinets can cater to individuals as well as larger businesses and solve network issues without you having to put in any effort. Our products also feature 12-month warranties for your satisfaction. Rest assured you will not need to use them, however in the event of a problem, we would be happy to help.

Our products are delivered Australia wide within 7-14 business days depending on the location. Contact us for more information.

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