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Safeguard Your Computer With A Reliable Antivirus Software

Our laptops and computers have become an extension of our bain. They hold information, memories and data that sometimes we don’t even remember. Be it photos from 10 years ago, or a collection of music and movies, or work files from your first job. We may not go back and look at these all the time, but knowing that they are there for whenever we want to see them, brings a sense of comfort. This comfort very quickly turns into panic when we see a system message that reads “system malware” or “virus detected” or “system failure”. The screen turns blue and eventually the computer turns off. We are then told that all the data on the computer has been corrupted and hence lost. The comfort turned panic turns into a pit in the stomach because you know you’ve lost a lifetime of data.

Safeguard your computer and in turn all your data from such incidents with our internet security softwares. Priced at $36 (after discount) the product runs a scheduled scan of your whole computer and informs you of the files that might carry viruses so you can delete them or clean them before the virus spreads. It scans hard disks or pen drives when plugged in, to ensure no external device plugged into you system is carrying a virus.

Keep Your Computer Completely Safe At All Times

Another product we offer, protects your computer from internet related viruses. It blocks unwanted pop-ups and deletes infected cookies to make sure none of the web pages or downloads infect the system. It also protects passwords from being hacked, so online shopping, banking and retail is secured too.

Keep your mind at comfort, and protect your data. We deliver all across Australia within 7-14 business days depending on the location of delivery.

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