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Our Affordable Metal Detectors Will Make Searching Exciting

If you are a budding treasure hunter, you cannot start your hunt until you have a detector. You may have plenty of lands to search through and ideas for digging up, but without one, you would soon find yourself helpless. Not everything can be felt and detected by tapping or digging into the ground aimlessly. Start enjoying your treasure hunts and take it to the next level with our products.

Whether you are looking for gold, antiques or even long lost items, you can finally start your hunt when you have one of our amazing bounty hunter metal detectors equipped. It will be your buddy when you go out and about, so you can be ready to make the greatest finds that there possibly can be. Our products have many great features and different ranges, pick the one that best suits your needs, the land you scour through and the power that you want.

Get Stocked And Ready For Treasure Hunting

Order with us and let us worry about the rest. We ship to all addresses within Australia, no matter the size of your purchase. Many of our items also happen to have free shipping so that you can save even more. If you have any questions about our products or any other ranges feel free to contact our friendly customer service team by giving us a call or sending an email.

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