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Get An iPad Stand For Your Car And Entertain On-The-Go

Children these days are very demanding of attention. Soft toys, toy cars and Barbies just don’t cut it anymore. They all want their own ipad or tablet on which they can play video games and race cars or dress up dolls - virtually. In the home it isn’t that much of a hassle, even if they drop the ipad, it’ll fall on the couch or the bed and they can themselves pick it up. While travelling however, it becomes a little more tricky. You’d probably be driving or sitting in the shotgun seat while the child will be in the babyseat at the back. If they drop the ipad they can’t get off and pick it up, and you can’t reach the back with your seatbelt on. You’d have to stop the car, get off and give them the ipad again.

Instead, why not mount the ipad on a tablet car holder and make travelling smoother? With our range of products, you will not have to worry about the tablet falling out of the child’s hand. They will still be able to play games or watch cartoons on them without having to hold them in their small hands. By mounting it, you can also encourage the kids to share the screen and watch something together.

Strong And Durable Holders Now Available Online

Priced at $45, this product is compatible with tablets and ipads between 7” and 10”. This stand is flexible and 360 degrees rotatable without a snap. It is easy to install, remove and adjust too. Even if the kids aren’t travelling with you and you need to use the tablet for GPS, simply unhook it from the back and attach it to the front.

Order yours today and receive delivery in 2-3 weeks depending on the exact location. We deliver all across Australia.