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Pick From Our Range Of Android TV Boxes And Save On Entertainment

Watching TV with friends and family is fun, but the silence when the TV is muted during commercial breaks can get awkward. Matching your schedule with the TV guide so that you are free when the show is airing can be quite a compromise especially for working individuals and university students with classes and assignments to squeeze in as well. Because of these reasons and a few more, we all prefer to stream the shows or game online at a later time. In doing that though, we end up watching it alone because only so many people can share a laptop screen. We could connect the laptop to the TV through an HDMI but that means more effort and having to reach the laptop every time there is a disruption.

This product solves that challenge too. This android tv device once connected to the TV, acts like a dongle making your TV a smart TV on which you can directly stream shows online without having to connect a laptop. Access various apps like google chrome, youtube, twitter, facebook, email and so on, all on your TV. Get access to TV shows and movies from all over the world without any hassle. The product also features in built memory space so you can transfer files from a laptop or computer device onto your TV without having to connect an external USB or harddrive.

Enjoy The Perks Of Streaming Online But On A TV Instead Of A Laptop

Watch shows and games at your own time according to your schedule and with friends and family all together. We provide delivery services all across Australia within 7-14 business days. Contact us for more information.