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GoPro Gimbal BeStableCam SteadyCam Handheld Rider


GoPro Gimbal BeStableCam SteadyCam Handheld Rider

Get the perfect shot every time, with this 3rd generation BeStableCam Rider Handheld Gimbal for GoPro. Control systems are far smoother than previous versions!

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The BeStableCam Rider Gopro 3-Axis Steady-cam handheld gimbal allows you to use your GoPro to shoot smooth videos easily and share your life with your relatives and friends. It will quickly become one of your must-have travel items. The Rider GoPro 3-axis Handheld Gimbal is designed for the GoPro 3 or 3+ cameras. This gimbal comes pre-configured and ready to use (after some very basic assembly) for the ultimate in professional-quality stabilized video without any complex steady-cam rig. The gimbal is able to stabilize pitch, roll, and yaw axes - giving you a super stable shot. Another great feature of the handheld grip is that it includes rechargeable batteries that fit neatly inside the handle, to power the Rider GoPro 3-axis handheld gimbal. There are thumb buttons on the handle that you can use to change the operation modes and pitch angle and roll angle of the gimbal. You can set the gimbal to the "follow" mode where the pitch and yaw angles will follow the subject being filmed (in a smooth motion as you move the gimbal handle, or in "heading lock" mode where the gimbal will force the camera to point in a specific compass direction regardless of the angle changes of the gimbal handle.

The specifics

  • Bestablecam SteadyGim3 Rider Gimbal
  • Handheld Digital Stabilizer for GoPro 3/3+/4
  • Hidden wires routed through gimbal frame
  • GoPro chargeable directly from gimbal power
  • Thumbscrews enable quick-release of camera bracket
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to use
  • Non-GUI settings, plug and play
  • Electronic slow-down for "follow" mode on both Yaw and Pitch axes.
  • Equipped with two rechargeable batteries and one battery charger. Each battery type is 18350, and rated 3.7 volts @900mAh.
  • Over 5 hours of use time.
  • Compatible with the Lumenier Layer Lens protection for GoPro Hero 3.
  • Supports Remote Control
  • Support to mount Gore LCD BacPac
  • Supports extended battery types to work for longer hours
  • High torque motors for better gripping power and control accuracy.
  • No judder or jerking in 360-degree rotation.
  • Easy to mount with all kinds of GoPro accessories
  • Designed for Hi-speed sports like motorcycle, bicycle race, car race.
  • Can be used to in a wide range cameras such as the Sony 5N,Panasonic GH series, Canon 5D Mark II / Mark III, Black Magic Production Cinema, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Red Epic camera, etc.
  • Available for aerial photography with an attachable replacement kits.
  • Quick and simple to change the set up adjustments. No tools needed to balance camera,
  • Ready to work - pre-assembled and balanced at our factory.
  • Slight adjustment may be needed when a different camera lens is used.
  • Uses original AlexMos 32bit simple brushless gimbal controller system*. (*Subject to reassessment)
  • Supports heavier cameras and high wind conditions.
  • Negligible sound emitted by these highly efficient motors.
  • When making lens changes with a 100g difference, unlock the camera tray from frame and realign camera's CoG (centre of gravity) with gimbal's CoG (projected intersection point where roll-axis motor shaft and tilt-axis motor shaft meet).
  • For major changes in cameras and lenses, we provide software and instructions for you to adjust PID settings via your computer to balance your gimbal.
  • When using multiple cameras and lenses, note the corresponding PID settings for different camera and lens combinations for a no-rush experience.
  • Can power it "ON" with no camera mounted, but not recommended. It won't level out, since it's too much out of balance without a camera mounted.
  • Well balanced, but pay attention and make adjustments if needed.
  • When balancing a gimbal, remove lens cap and insert battery and memory card to ensure an accurate balance.
  • Cameras with exact size and weight of the GoPro can be used as a replacement.
  • Gimbal tuned for a naked GoPro only.
  • If the Camera is not attached, the gimbal will vibrate violently.
  • Horizon drift/ Zero drift occurs when there are extreme environmental changes with Temperatures and Vibrations. The gimbal will have to be re-initialised.
  • Function Instruction:
    • Heading Following Mode - Pitch and roll locking, heading smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld.
    • Heading And Pitch Following Mode - Roll locking, heading and pitch smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld.
    • Locking Mode - Heading, pitch and roll locking.
    • Special Working Condition (Inversion Mode) - When in any working mode, press the function button three times in succession, the Digital Stabilizer will enter into the inversion mode and switch to the Heading following mode automatically. Invert the Digital Stabilizer to capture more excited scenes easily by switching mode combination. When in inversion mode press the function button three times in succession to reset the Digital Stabilizer back to the original state.
  • Operation Skill:
    • Smooth And Steady Filming: Maintain a stable movement position using the arm, which holds the Gimbal.
    • How To Adjust The Pitching Angle: Double press the function button to enter into "Heading And Pitch Follow" mode. Hold the Digital Stabilizer at the desired angle and then press the button once to re-engage "Heading Follow" Mode in order to lock the angle of desired pitch.
    • Selfie: Turn the Digital Stabilizer 270° so the function interface is facing you. Then, simply adjust the angle of pitch to the desired angle by utilizing the "Heading and Pitch Follow" Mode, which is described above and then switch back to "Heading Follow" Mode. Once complete you can film yourself with ease.
    • Flexible Use Of Inversion Mode: Press the function button three times in succession, the Digital Stabilizer will switch to the inversion mode and help to captured low angle views more easily. If filming whilst moving forward at a high speed, keep the handle roughly parallel with the ground, this will ensure a square footage.
  • Initialization Instructions:
    • Install the camera properly.
    • Digital Stabilizer to be placed on stationary flat surface and maintain a motionless status.
    • Power on the Digital Stabilizer.
    • The Digital Stabilizer is activated and it will initialize automatically. Pick up the Digital Stabilizer to work normally.
  • Calibration:
    • Turn on the gimbal by pressing the on/off button on the bottom of the handle.
    • Quickly place the handle on a stable hard surface and keep still. The battery indication light will start to blink four times repeatedly.
    • Before turning on the stabilization using the mode button hold the up button for 1 second. Watch the amber mode light on the back of the roll motor. The light will now blink three times repeatedly.
    • Press the down button and hold for 1 second. The amber mode light on the back of the roll motor will now turn off.
    • Initialization is now complete.
    • Press and hold the mode button until the gimbal comes to life. Gimbal is now ready to use.
    • Rider needs to be initialized whenever the following situations appear after power on:
    • After power on, the angle of pitch is not level with the horizon line.
    • After power on, the angle of roll is not parallel with the horizon line.
    • When the Digital Stabilizer is in heading lock, the angle of heading moves frequently (heading is not stationary)
  • Firmware Upgrade(PC Only)(1.10 version).
  • Preparation:
    • Install Driver from HERE
    • Download Firmware upgrade software HERE
    • Download New firmware 1.10 HERE
    • After the driver been installed and the Upgrade Cable plugged in, you can see the "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge" with a COM port in device manager.
  • Firmware Upgrade:
    • Open the FY-Gimbal Update for 3-Axis.exe
    • The COM port will be chosen automatically.
    • Connect your gimbal, power it on.
    • Click Open
    • Click "Open file" then chose the new firmware.
    • Click update
  • See deal images for detailed specifications.
  • Package Content:
    • SteadyGim3 -RIDER Gore 3 axis Handheld Gimbal
    • USB Updater
    • Battery Charger
    • 2 x Rechargeable batteries
  • 12 month warranty

Reference ID: AGG990

Shipping Details

  • Please allow 7-14 business days for delivery
  • We ship across Australia, including major cities like: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle and the Gold Coast
  • At it is our top priority to provide customers with a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. If there are any problems with your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us and our friendly Customer Support Team will assist you promptly.
  • This product includes a 12 month warranty

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