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Enjoy the delicious taste of grilled food with our range of grill and griddle pans! Made from quality materials, our grill and griddle pans deliver seared, juicy food each and every time.
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Grill as Much as You Want

If you like having those beautifully charred veggies or grilled chicken, a grill pan is what you need. While you can easily grill foods in the oven or on a barbecue grill, a grill pan is a great option for those who don’t have access to the other equipment. Moreover, grilling vegetables and meat on a pan takes as much time as it does in an over or a barbecue grill. There are different types of grill pans that you can purchase depending on your cooking style. If you like those lovely grill marks on chicken or toasties, then a grill pan with ridges can do just that.

No need to feel like you’re missing out on those amazing grilled dishes. You can have that with the help of a grill pan. Moreover, It’s easy to grill food in the grill pan as you can control the heat and ensure that you get the perfect dish every time. If you don’t want those grill marks, we have plain grill pans for grilling. Furthermore, you can choose between non-stick grill pans, cast iron grill pans and many more.

Korean BBQ at Home

If you have an outdoor space, then you can easily have a Korean bbq party without having to have a huge barbecue grill. A Korean bbq grill pan is good enough to hold a party for 4-6 people. There are different types of Korean bbq grill pans but the best part is, they are easy to clean, heat up quickly and can cook those marinated meats in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, we have a range of grill pans that are big enough to grill multiple steaks at the same time. You can go for a plain pan or one with ridges, at MyDeal we have everything you need. Our entire pan range from grill pans to frying pans is available at highly affordable rates. You will always find some of the best deals on MyDeal. So, if you want a grill pan or a pan set, browse through our range and get it delivered to your house.

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