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Whether planting or pruning, these wheelbarrows and garden carts carry your gardening dreams. Don’t break your back carrying bags of soil, get a wheelbarrow from our range and make gardening fun!
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Garden Carts & Wheelbarrows to Gardening a Breeze

When it comes to the right gardening tools, MyDeal has you covered. We have a great range of garden carts & wheelbarrows available at affordable prices so you can get everything you need for less when working on your garden. If you have plenty of materials and tools already, then you also need a reliable garden wheelbarrow that can carry and transport them easily across the space of your garden.

If you happen to need a garden cart or wheelbarrow for transporting materials ‌for work purposes, we have plenty of suitable options. With different capacities and designs available, you can choose a gardening cart or wheelbarrow most suitable to your needs. There’s no need to make carrying large tools difficult for yourself with our premium garden carts & wheelbarrows.

At MyDeal, we have a motorised wheelbarrow range to make transporting easy. Whether you’re farming, working in construction, agriculture or landscaping, we have electric wheelbarrows for sale that are designed to do all the heavy lifting for you, cutting your job time in half. Here at MyDeal, we also have a range of garden carts to create a compact veggie card or flower bed.

Affordable Garden Carts & Wheelbarrows Delivered to Your Doorstep

Whether you’re working on your own garden or a landscaper, we have garden carts & wheelbarrows suitable for the job at hand. With a range of capacities available, we have wheelbarrows that can carry large loads on the job. Sturdy, reliable and weather resistant, our wheelbarrows are high quality and designed to last. Here at MyDeal, we make shopping for the essentials easy. We ship all across Australia quickly, no matter large or heavy your order is. Whether you want a simple, cheap wheelbarrow or a heavy-duty, motorised wheelbarrow, we’ve got you covered. For more gardening tools and equipment, browse our huge range today.


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