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If you feel like your balcony at home is a bit too bare for your liking, then a vertical garden is all you need. Cover up an entire wall with beautiful flowers and green plants.
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Beautify Your Home With Vertical Gardens

There is no need to spend hours landscaping and trying to make a beautiful vertical garden when you can install artificial gardens in about half the time. You can now have a beautiful vertical garden without working too hard. We have a wide range of artificial vertical gardens for you to choose from. Whether you want an indoor vertical garden or an outdoor one, our installations can be put anywhere.

Additionally, we also have balcony screens to cover your balconies with a blanket of green. Artificial gardens are low maintenance and can instantly enhance the look of any balcony, backyard or hallway.

Make it Green Everywhere!

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to transform the look of not just your home but your office as well. If you have a huge office room or bare hallways in the office, just buy one of our artificial gardens to change the look.

Parties and events also use artificial plant walls as part of the decoration. Artificial plants don’t require too much care and look perfect at all times. At MyDeal you can get amazing deals on vertical gardens. Along with being delivered right to your doorstep, a lot of the items come with free shipping as well.

Whether you’re looking for smaller installations or large plant screens, we have got it all. You can also choose between different types of artificial plants and leaves. Get the one that suits your style.

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