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Light up your outdoor space with our range of festoon lights. Perfect for creating a warm, inviting ambience, festoon lights will bring a magical feel to your outdoor area.
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Feel a Little Festive with Outdoor Festoon Lights

Outdoor lights are meant to not only light up your garden but they can make it look magical. If you choose the right kind of lighting for your garden you can change the look of the entire area. From a simple garden, you can transform the area into the garden of your dreams. Festoon lights are string lights that are perfect for the outdoors. If you are a fan of fairy lights then these lights are meant for you. Light up your deck with these beautiful string lights. You can easily hang them around the garden, use them to highlight certain areas or light up your outdoor dining area with them.

While festoon lights can be used at any time of the year in your garden, you can always use them as festival lights as well. Since festoon lights are meant for the outdoors, they have bulbs that are way bigger than your indoor fairy lights. They can easily light up an area. Perfect for the festive season, festoon lights are perfect to cover trees, your garden fence or the exteriors of your house.

Layer Some Lights for your Outdoor Area

There are so many ways festoon lights can be used for your outdoor space. If you are going for a particular look outdoors, then you can use them differently. For a more relaxed coastal or bohemian feel, you can layer up the festoon lights in the seating area. The layered lights would add a very cozy feel to the area and make it look like stars in the sky.

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