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With our range of automatic pool cleaners, there's no need for hassle! Convenient and innovative, our automatic pool cleaners work to keep your pool sparkling clean and free from dirt, debris and bacteria, so you can spend more time enjoying it.
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The Pool Cleaner Range You’ve Been Holding Your Breath For

Do you love having a pool but hate all the maintenance it takes? An automatic pool cleaner is the solution you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re buying a new home with a pool that you’re not sure how to tend to or are looking for a better way to clean your much-loved family pool, investing in a robotic pool cleaner is well worth it.

Automatic swimming pool cleaners are an excellent way to ensure your pool is clean and ready for a dip at all times. Our range of pool vacuums and pool cleaners allows you to choose one that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a dolphin pool cleaner, pool vacuum or any other pool robot, we’ve got a device for you.

We stock well-known brands so you can have complete confidence in your purchase. Just put your feet up and let a new automatic pool cleaner from MyDeal do all the work!

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Pool and Less Time Cleaning It

Having your own swimming pool is all about having that little bit of luxury and enjoyment in your day-to-day life. This means that the last thing you want to worry about is constantly cleaning it! With a pool robot, you can keep your pool clean all year round. Because much of our range is without a hose, you can even continue to swim in your pool while it handles all the debris settling on the surface. The fact that our swimming pool cleaners don’t require an unsightly hose also makes your auto pool cleaner a more aesthetically pleasing addition to your shed or backyard.

Many of our swimming pool cleaners have a rapid cleaning cycle, retain vacuumed waste, are easy to use and clean themselves and even clean the floors, walls and waterline!

Enjoy an inviting pool with minimal maintenance and effort, thanks to your very own robotic pool cleaner from MyDeal.

Soak Up Our Great Pool & Spa Products

With your own pool robot, you also save on the maintenance costs of hiring a professional pool cleaner.

Need other accessories to keep your pool or backyard in tip-top shape? In addition to having the best robotic pool cleaners, we also stock swimming pool vacuums, inflatable pool toys, pool games, pool lights and even entire swimming pools that you can conveniently buy online!


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