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The ultimate packing companion, our range of vacuum storage bags is all you need to ensure all your items are stored neatly.
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Suckin’ It Up With our Large Vacuum Storage Bags

When you’re living in a small apartment, it can be incredibly tricky to afford massive amounts of storage. However, with the products we have at MyDeal Australia, you can triple the storage space you have currently in your home. We have Vacuum Storage Bags that are made from high-quality multi-layer composite material and will keep your storage in a tight, neat unit.

The products we have in this range will provide you with affordable, airtight storage that will keep your stuff sealed and away from air, water and bacteria. The items are manufactured with the intent of being reusable, durable and 100% odour free. Complete protection from insect dirt, dampness and mildew, the products will allow you to have all your personal possessions kept together in a nice, clean and dry compartment.

Store and Seal

Vacuum storage bags are excellent for storing those items that will end up taking up a lot of space in your storage compartments. Huge blankets, extra pillows and quilts can all be vacuum sealed and stored away until required. These vacuum storage bags will seal any big and fluffy item with ease. Plushies and your woollens can all be vacuum sealed to keep them away from being exposed to any moisture that can ruin the material.

MyDeal offers you a wide variety of vacuum storage bags. Whether you are looking for simple bags or vacuum storage cubes, we have got it all. Most of these come with their own vacuum pump making it easier for you to pack your stuff. These can be especially useful when you’re moving houses. Packing your clothes and bed linens will take minutes with these vacuum storage bags. Our customer service team is also available through our telephone service for further enquires. Many of the products available at MyDeal Australia are eligible for free shipping throughout Australia.


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