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Dive In Deep With These Vehicle Snorkels

If you’re an off-road enthusiast, chances are you’ve encountered driving through lakes, or at least attempting to. The problem with off road driving is the chance that you’ll damage your car when you drive through wet terrain. Any moisture in your car can ruin your car in minutes, so it’s imperative that if you’re going to make your way through a tough terrain like a stretch of water, that you plan ahead. This is the perfect reason why you should get a vehicle snorkel. When fitted to your 4WD, the snorkel moves the engine air intake from under your bonnet, to roof height.

Snorkels have many advantages, including less chance of water entering the engine when crossing a stretch of water, and access to cleaner and cooler air. We offer a huge range of snorkels for heaps of different cars, including Honda, Mitsubishi and Landcruisers. We offer two types of units, the ram snorkel and the vortex snorkel. Both designed to achieve similar results, they are both important to consider when purchasing a vehicle snorkel.

Go Off-Road, Not Off Budget

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