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Ausee Machine & Tools is an Australian registered machine tool dealer located in Cranbourne West, Victoria. We are not only an official distributor of SIEG machinery but also keep a wide range of cutting tools, measuring tools and machine accessories.
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Delivery: Your order is important to us. We aim to dispatch within 2 working day, subject to stock availability.  Customer is responsible for providing correct information either on the website or through a telephone/facsimile purchase.   Delivery and Handling Charges: Postage/Carriage fee represent part costs towards processing, packaging and postage/carriage. Ausee Machines & Tools reserves the right on how goods are sent. On exception, if the postage/carriage will not cover our costs, Ausee Machines & Tools reserve the right on letting the  customer know there will be a further charge for freight before sending out any goods.     Australia ( Australian External Territories not included ) The freight charge will be displayed when you proceed to checkout.If the website show TBA for the freight, the weight and destination of this order falls outside our shipping calculation matrix, we will contact you about the freight charge.   New Zealand, Australian External Territory and Overseas: We are able to arrange delivery of machines, accessories and tools for customers from New Zealand, Australian  External Territories and Neighboring Countries. For other overseas countries, we are able to deliver accessories and  tools only. Freight charge will be displayed when you proceed to checkout.If the website show TBA for the freight, the weight and destination of this order falls outside our shipping calculation matrix, we will contact you about the freight charge.   Can I add extra item to my existing order? Unfortunately, you cannot add further items to an order that has already been placed, and you will need to place a second order. 

Returns & Replacements Policy:

We operate a return to base policy. All carriage costs for return of goods are to be borne by the customer.  In the even of return, first, the customer is requested to contact us within 7 working days of receipt of goods. We will  give you a full refund if the item is unopened in original packaging and in a condition to be sold.   If it is the problem we caused, such as faulty or damaged items. upon receipt of goods, we will inspect the same for the  Damage/Fault. If we agree to the customer’s damage/fault observation, we will refund the full cost of the goods,  including prior agreed carriage back to us, or, replace the item/s and include a refund of prior agreed carriage incurred  by the customer to return the item/s back to us. If we disagree with customer’s damage/fault observation, we will only  refund the cost of the goods if it is in original packaging and in a condition to be sold.   In the event of return from overseas / Australian External Territory, we will inspect the same for the damage/fault, if  we agree to the customer’s damage/fault observation, we will refund the full cost of the goods only. All carriage costs  for return / re-supply are to be born by the customer.   Ausee Machines & Tools is not liable for items being returned that lost or damaged in transit.    Ausee Machines & Tools does not accept/refund return of used consumable items such as cutting tools, cutting fluid,  gears. Etc..   Proof of purchase needs to be provided with all returns. 


We warrant that for a period of 30 days ( time being of the essence ) from the date of delivery, products shall be free from defects in  materials and workmanship under general use provided such product correctly installed and well maintained.  Warranty is non-transferable. Warranty shall not apply to products that have been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect or improper storage, handling or maintenance. Warranty shall not apply to products that have been dismantled by the user without our advice. Warranty shall not apply to normal wear and consumable goods such as ( but not limited to ) batteries, belts, filters, cutting tools,  lubricants, blades. Customer is responsible for understanding the limitation of the tools, accessories and machines. Warranty automatically void if the products that have been altered, modified, tuned.

Limited Warranty for Machines:  Definition: A Machine is a device powered by electric motor and with a power cord.   We operate a return to base policy for machines and machine parts. This means carriage costs for return and re-delivery  of machines and machine parts are to be borne by the customer.   Warranty not transferable.   For the time being, all machines we sell are for hobby use only. Warranty is void if the machine has used for  commercial, industrial, or any other business purpose.    We warrant that for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery, machines shall be free from defects in material and  workmanship. The warranty covers replacement of, but not installation of any machine parts fail during the warranty period.    Warranty shall not apply to products that have been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper storage, handling, or maintenance. Warranty shall not apply to normal wear and consumable goods such as ( but not limited to ) plastic gears, batteries, belts, filters, cutting tools, lubricants, blades. The customer is responsible for understanding the limitation of the tools, accessories, and machines. Warranty shall not apply to machines that have been dismantled by the user without our advice.   The defective parts must be returned to Ausee Machines & Tools with inbound carriage prepaid. We will inspect the same  for the damage/fault once we receive the parts. If we agree to the customer's observation, we will replace or repair the part and send it back to the customer at no charge. If we disagree with the customer's observation, we will contact the customer to find a satisfactory solution.