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Zzz Atelier is a new Australian brand started in 2015. We call ourselves the "sleep workshop" because we see ourselves not just as a mattress maker, but rather a collaboration workshop where technology, innovation and thoughtful ideas collide together to fuse the creation of outstanding sleep quality. We started this business because we love to sleep on wonderful mattress, but not the enormous price tag that usually comes with it. So we started to really look into what makes a great mattress, what ingredients genuinely impact your sleep quality, and what are the things that simply waste consumer dollars. We then focus on searching for top notch technology and quality where it really matters. To ensure that we come up with products that are truly perfect for Australian users, we made sure that an experienced chiropractor was actively engaged in all stages of our mattress design, every step along the way. The end results? Amazing value mattresses yet extremely comfortable and healthy sleep which our customers can attest to. We may be small in size, but we dream big, and the sleep quality and value that we deliver is nothing short of humongous.

Customer Reviews

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  • (278)
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Customer Reviews

  • (1378)
  • (278)
  • (40)
  • (13)
  • (19)

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  • GruntbugglySnrVerified buyer

    Firm and comfortable. Some people might benefit from a mattress topper if it's a little too firm for them. Full support when sitting in the edge of the bed. Rolling over or getting in and out of bed doesn't disturb your bed partner's sleep whatsoever. If only companies would stop using Hunter Express as the courier. Nothing nice to say about them. No complaints about the actual mattress though. It's thick. It's comfy. It does what it's designed for.

    May 25, 2024

  • BishrulVerified buyer

    This is one of the best thing I have got for the money I have spent so far. Amazing mattress, no complaints yet. 7 zone feature is actually true and so much comfy.

    May 25, 2024

  • LeonieVerified buyer

    Comfy but firm.

    May 23, 2024

  • GaynorVerified buyer

    purchased for spare bed . visitors most impressed. Said very comfortable

    May 20, 2024

  • AdrianVerified buyer

    was pleasantly surprised thought i was going to get a cheap tghin mattress but pleasantly surprised super comfy solid mattress for the super price

    May 18, 2024

  • June MooreVerified buyer

    Absolutely amazing mattress, so comfortable and great for someone like myself who has back injuries.

    May 12, 2024

  • SethVerified buyer

    Definitely worth the money and it came within 2 working days

    May 07, 2024

  • NadineVerified buyer

    great thankyou

    May 04, 2024

  • Grace ElisaiaVerified buyer

    Bed is firm and super comfy, happy with the width of the bed. So happy with the bed cant fault it. Fast delivery.

    May 02, 2024

  • DianneVerified buyer

    Wry nice bed so comfortable

    May 02, 2024

Customer Reviews

  • (1378)
  • (278)
  • (40)
  • (13)
  • (19)

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Customer Reviews

  • (1378)
  • (278)
  • (40)
  • (13)
  • (19)

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Customer Reviews

  • (1378)
  • (278)
  • (40)
  • (13)
  • (19)

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Customer Reviews

  • (1378)
  • (278)
  • (40)
  • (13)
  • (19)

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Customer Reviews

  • (1378)
  • (278)
  • (40)
  • (13)
  • (19)

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Any additional charges will be invoiced after the order has been placed.

  • We ship all items via courier services, which usually operate Mon-Fri during business hours only. If you are unable to receive deliveries during business hours, please contact us prior to placing your order and we will try our best to find a solution to work around this issue. Regular courier service is not time-sensitive and may arrive any time between 9 am - 6 pm.

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  • Standard courier services do not include calls/SMS from the driver before delivery. If you are not at home and the driver deems it not safe to leave the item at your address, a card will be left and collection from the depot will be required. Re-delivery can be arranged but additional charges may apply.

  • To sell quality products at a very low cost, we always ship our orders using the most economical options among a few courier companies (e.g. Allied Express, Hunter Express, TNT, Toll, StarTrack, Couriers Please, Fastway, etc). We promise to dispatch all orders within our committed dispatch time frame. However, as we do not control courier operations, we cannot be responsible for the delivery time frame or delay. If you have a preference for using a specific courier company, please contact us before placing an order and we will let you know if we need to charge any additional shipping charges.

  • Mattress firmness is very individual and subjective; the same mattress can be perceived as firm by one user but soft by another user. In advertising our listings, we have taken all care to strictly follow the manufacturer's firmness rating. However, there is no single rating that can ever meet every user's subjective expectation. By purchasing this item, the buyer agrees that a mismatch of firmness expectation on the mattress or any part of the mattress (e.g. sides of the mattress) does NOT constitute "item not as described" or "item defective".

  • For mattresses sold and shipped in vacuum compressed packaging, please ensure you check the size and details of the product printed on the packaging box, and decide that you indeed want this item before decompressing the mattress. Once you have decompressed the mattress, it will not fit in the original packaging, cannot be re-compressed, or re-sold. This means the item is no longer in original condition. By purchasing this item, the buyer agrees that the seller can reject the return of a decompressed mattress, or issue a refund amount equivalent to 50% of the purchase price at our discretion. The shipping fee is non-refundable in any case.

  • The buyer agrees that a soiled, stained or damaged item is no longer in original condition and does not qualify for return. If an item is returned to us in a soiled, stained, or damaged condition, we have the right to reject the return. In this case, the item will be available at the returned address for the buyer's collection.

Returns Policies

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. If the failure is minor, we reserve the right not to offer a replacement or refund. Our products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law.

Mattress firmness is very individual and subjective; the same mattress can be perceived as firm by one user but soft by another user. In advertising the mattress, our listings have taken all care to strictly follow the manufacturer's firmness rating. However, there is no single rating that can ever meet every user's subjective expectation. By purchasing this item, the buyer agrees that a mismatch of firmness expectation on the mattress or any part of the mattress (e.g. sides of the mattress) does NOT constitute "item not as described" or "item defective," and it cannot be returned for this reason.

If a refund is processed, we will refund the original purchase price via the original mode of payment, minus any associated fees and charges. The shipping fee is not refundable in any case. Most refunds will be processed within 10 business days. If you are entitled to a replacement, please be aware that some of our goods are sourced offshore and may require in excess of 10 weeks to source a replacement part or product. We do not offer 'change of mind' returns for mattresses by default. We may choose to allow courtesy 'change of mind' returns from time to time at our sole discretion. If we choose to do this, the buyer will be responsible for return shipping. 

Your Rights Under ACL

All our mattresses and bedding products come with the implied consumer guarantees provided under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure of the products. You are also entitled to have the products repaired or replaced at Zzz Atelier's discretion if they are defective but the failure does not amount to a major failure.

We have the right to reasonably request you to provide photo evidence to substantiate your claim. We also have the right to inspect the products if we deem it necessary. In the event that a bulky item needs to be transported to our facilities for inspection and the product is found to be defective, we will pay for all costs of transportation related to this inspection. If the product is not found to be defective, you will be liable for all costs of transportation related to this inspection.

Manufacturer warranty terms and conditions

The products you purchase from us may come with a 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, or a 20-year back-to-base limited manufacturer warranty. Zzz Atelier warrants your product will be free from manufacturing defects for the period specified by the warranty from the original purchase date. Please take a few minutes to read over the specific terms and conditions of the warranty in the following sections.

This warranty is given by:

Zzz Atelier (ABN 32 627 228 728)

The benefits given to you under this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies you have under The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) in relation to the mattress to which the warranty relates.

Warranty Liability Cap & Limitations

  • Zzz Atelier offers a guarantee which is only for the benefit of the original purchaser of the product, and is non-transferable.

  • The total value of all repairs, replacements or refunds (sum of all) for the entire period of warranty cannot exceed the actual order price, calculated as the price of purchase minus any discount you received, excluding shipping charges.

  • Zzz Atelier has sole discretion to determine the value of each repair, replacement or refund.

  • You are only entitled to maximum 1 replacement mattress for the entire period of warranty. 

What this Warranty Covers

During the period specified by the warranty from the date of your purchase of this product, Zzz Atelier will repair or replace the defective product or part if the defect is found to be caused by faulty workmanship or materials under a valid warranty claim. Zzz Atelier reserves the right to substitute products or parts of equal or better quality and to use or deliver refurbished products or parts in the repair or replacement product under this warranty. This warranty covers the following specific manufacturing faults under conditions of normal wear:


  • Coils or wires that are loose or broken.

  • Coils or wires that protrude or rip through the fabric.

  • Sagging with indentation greater than 38mm. This is covered ONLY IF the mattress has been continuously supported by a matching foundation, or an appropriate bed frame. For queen or king size mattresses, an appropriate bed frame includes at least five legs and a rigid centre support that extends from the frame to the ground. For slatted bed frames, if width of slats is less than 6cm, the width of gaps between slats should not exceed 6cm. If the width of slats is more than 6cm, the width of gaps between slats can be more than 6cm but must be equal or less than the width of slats. 


  • Broken wood frame, except those caused by abuse or that occur during improper use.

  • Loose or broken foundation wire.

  • Leg and castor failure.

What this Warranty Does Not Cover

This warranty does not cover:

  • Mattress fabric or stitching - damaged, worn, or torn fabric or stitching can be caused by many factors, including but not limited to rough handling, excessive force during use or move, exposure to chemicals, etc, which are difficult to determine. This warranty program does not cover any damage related to mattress fabric. We may consider providing courtesy assistance (financial or otherwise) at our sole discretion if the issue is reported immediately upon receipt of goods. 

  • Handles (where fitted) - these should be used only to position the mattress and should not be used to support the full weight of the mattress.

  • Border wires, which run along the perimeter of the mattress (innerspring) and foundation, bent due to moving or folding the sleep set.

  • Bedding sold 'As Is'

  • Comfort layer and comfort padding materials

  • Bed Height.

  • Mattress firmness or changes in firmness over time.

  • Mattress noise

  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation or bed frame.

  • Minor manufacturing anomalies that do not impact the performance of the bed (eg. mis-stitching on quilting).

  • Damage due to misuse, abuse or neglect negligence including folding, bending, standing on or jumping on the mattress or base.

  • Conditions arising from normal wear and tear including mattress cover compression, foam compression or discolouration of components.

  • A mattress or base that, on inspection by Zzz Atelier is found to be stained or in an unsanitary condition.

  • Bent or broken castors or legs, loose T-nuts inside the base, caused by castor legs not having been kept sufficiently tight or other broken fittings caused by poor maintenance.

Unless you have purchased a mattress from our commercial range or have been explicitly given a commercial warranty, the mattresses you purchase from us are NOT intended and have not been designed for commercial use. This warranty shall become void if the goods are used for any commercial purpose or in any commercial environment, including but not limited to use in Airbnb properties.

Except as expressly stated, this warranty does not include any right to be reimbursed or compensated for physical or financial injury, loss, damage, expense, time, or inconvenience (whether direct or indirect) arising out of the occurrence of the defect in the mattress or base or your inability to use the mattress or base.

The repair or replacement of a product or part under this warranty will not extend the warranty period given to the original purchaser under this warranty.

How to claim under your warranty

To be entitled to make a claim under your warranty you must:

  • tell us of the defect within 30 days after it has appeared;

  • provide us with your full name, address, email and phone number;

  • provide us with details of the defect;

  • provide all photos we request for defect investigation purposes; and

  • provide us with your original proof of purchase receipt.

If you fail to provide any of the above, we can refuse to accept your warranty claim at our sole discretion.

Please do not return the mattress until an approval for product return is issued by our customer service.

To be eligible for claiming under warranty, the mattress must be free from soiling, stains and tears. 

Once we have accepted the warranty claim, Zzz Atelier may, at our discretion, repair or replace the product, subject to the conditions in our limited warranty schedule in below sections. If the product is no longer being manufactured, we may choose to replace the product with a comparable model. Zzz Atelier has sole discretion to determine what the current comparable model is.


All our warranties are back-to-base warranty. This means you will be responsible for returning the defective product or part to our nominated service centre or warehouse and for the shipping of the repaired or replaced product or part when it is ready. This does not supersede your rights under ACL (please refer to "Your Rights Under ACL" section).

Sagging vs. Body Impression

Various components utilised for the comfort layers will settle and could compress due to the weight and shape of the user. This “settling” or compression is not a structural or design defect, but a normal, expected result of product use. Body impressions are not considered a warranty issue unless the indentation exceeds 38mm. Compression of upholstery layers is not covered under this Limited Warranty.

Mattress Care

Your mattress requires proper care and maintenance to continue to be eligible for warranty coverage. Do not allow anyone to abuse your mattress under any circumstances. Below are a few things which you should pay attention to in caring for your mattress.

  • After your mattress is delivered we recommend that you air it for 4 hours to freshen and remove any aroma from storage.

  • You should also give some time for your mattress to recover from compression and to settle. We recommend that you allow at least 24 hours before you start to sleep on it. A freshly decompressed mattress can take up to 7 days to recover to 95% of it's manufactured height and dimension. Don't worry if your mattress feels slightly different after a few nights sleep.

  • Use a matching foundation or bed frame designed for your mattress for proper support.

  • Use a proper bed frame and centre support beam on queen and king size mattress.

  • Keep your mattress clean and use a mattress protector. Stains, soiling, fluid penetration or other signs of abuse may void the warranty and make your mattress ineligible for repair or replacement.

  • When you remove your bedding for washing it's a good opportunity to let you mattress air for half an hour or more. We also recommend that you vacuum it every month or two; take care not to damage the outer surface as this can be fairly delicate.

  • You should not flip your mattress if it is a "no-flip" model. A "no-flip" mattress will still need to be rotated. You should flip / rotate your mattress once every month during the initial 3 months, followed by frequent flipping / rotation no less than once every 3 months thereafter.

  • Carry your mattress upright, on its side. It is easier to handle in this position and less likely to become damaged. If you need to store your mattress for an extended period, please store it flat.

  • Don't bend your mattress under any circumstances. This could result in permanent damage.

  • Don't allow anyone to stand or jump on your mattress, abuse is not covered by this guarantee.

  • Don't use handles when turning your mattress. Handles are intended only to position the mattress. 

Your mattress is not fireproof

Please avoid placing your mattress near open flames or expose it to fire. Your mattress is not flame proof or fire proof and can ignite or burn if exposed to open flame or fire. When ignited, some bedding materials can burn rapidly and emit smoke and hazardous gases. 

In order to reduce the risk of fire:

  • DON’T smoke in bed. This is a common cause of fatal fires.

  • DO keep matches and lighters away from children.

  • DON’T use candles on or around your bed.

  • DO keep space heaters away from your bed or other flammable items. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.

  • DON’T run electrical cords under your bed or trap them against a wall. Avoid placing lamps where they can fall on the bed.