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Wear Your Bikini While You Lay Under A Bimini

On a nice and sunny day, it’s almost cruel not to take that boat out for a spin (for those lucky individuals that have their own boat that is). Sail into the ocean, feel the breeze getting cooler, the water getting deeper and clearer, see the horizon as if it’s only a few meters away, drink a cold beer, listen to some music and spend time with family and friends. Just reading this makes people smile.

Let’s rewind a little though - it’s a nice, sunny day! The first few minutes might be fun and amazing, but what happens when the sun becomes too strong and you just can’t bear it anymore? When travelling with children, can you imagine the tantrum they’ll throw because it’s too hot? Or if someone wants to throw on a bikini and lay on the deck, but can’t because that’s a recipe bound to burn!

Order Before Your Next Trip To The Seas

With this product, you can forget rewinding and still keep smiling about the picture we painted earlier. Ranging from $109 - $165, available in white, blue and black, these boat tops will cover enough to block the direct sun, but also allow for the fresh air and sunlight to seep through. Available in different shapes and sizes to match different boats, this range will suit all your needs.

Order today and receive delivery to your doorstep in 7-14 business days. We ship all across Australia. Call our customer service team for more information, we are always happy to help!