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Get the job at hand done with ease with our range of powerful electric winches. Affordable, safe and easy to use, you'll find what you need here at MyDeal.
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Our Affordable Electric Winches Can Lift For You

Have you been stuck in a situation where you get off the road, your tyres get stuck in the mud, and you need another vehicle to pull you out but have no way to do that? Or have you wanted to go sailing, but didn’t know how to get your boat from the garage to the lake? You could use a rope, but would that be strong enough to push or pull such a heavy automobile?

This electric winch range is your go-to. Given its compact size, and self-expanding cables, it is the perfect tool to keep in the trunk of your car or under a seat for a rainy day. Connect this to your vehicle from one end to another and have the other pull you out of a mess. Connect one end to your vehicle and the other to the cart carrying your boat, and drive to the lake. We also offer a range of hoists, so you can lift the boat and gradually ascend it into the water without a splash.

Push, Pull, Drive And Sail Away Without A Jolt

Our products are made of high-quality materials, ropes and fibres. Your safety and convenience are a priority to us. Our range of electric winches is easy to use and you can find the one you’re looking for easily on MyDeal. Whether you’re pulling another vehicle, a boat or pulling up some heavy luggage, our range of electric winches can help you out.

MyDeal is here to offer you products that make your life easier. Whether you are buying an electric winch for your personal needs or for your business, you can find some of the finest products here on MyDeal. Along with offering you a range of quality products, our deals will make sure that you save money when buying with us as well. Our products are delivered all across Australia in metro cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and more, as well as regional areas.


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