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Don't Do The Heavy Lifting, Leave It To Electric Hoist Winches 

Employees that work in mechanical garages and commercial warehousing are used to heavy lifting and labour in the workplace. However, lifting heavy products that are over 250 kilograms isn’t in their job description. At MyDeal Australia, we have a wide range of Rope Hoist Winches that are perfect for lifting heavy products without risking the safety and wellbeing of workers. These products are amazing for any warehousing workplace and are now available at MyDeal Australia.

Lifting heavy objects can cause extreme damage to an employee. It becomes a financial and workplace safety risk for workers to be carrying heavy loads in their environment. Using the machinery available at MyDeal will allow the workers to feel safer in their workplace. The range of hoists available is great for lifting heavy objects and stock without putting a strain on any worker.

Don’t Worry, Because MyDeal Takes Care of The Heavy Lifting!

The technology in our products is amazing, with capacitance motors placed in each hoist to generate over 200W of power. With single and double rope lifting available, and overload protection functionality in place, your workshop would feel completely empty without this incredible product.

When you order with us, we'll even 'lift' your product all the way to your home! No matter the size of your purchase, we offer direct shipping to any Australian address. 

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