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Get the job done without hassle with our powerful, easy to use and safe log splitters.
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Quick & Effective Woodcutting Options

These nifty tools provide the quickest and easiest way to split logs. Whether you’re clearing your yard or cutting firewood for the winter, these powerful tools provide the power and control you need to bust through any type of hardwood. Save time and money and invest in one of our hydraulic log splitters. Producing quick and easy kindling to keep you and your family warm over the winter months, these items ensure you won’t go cold. These tools provide power and precision to get the job done. Many of our products come with warranties so you can rest assured they will last you.

No need to break your back trying to split logs. Whether it is for firewood or for building a tree house, you need to have a log splitter to make your life easier. These log splitters are easy to move around, so if you want to take your log splitter to your cabin and chop some wood to build a fire, you can easily do that.

Get All That You Need For Your Workshop

They may include extras that you will not find on any other tools like these, on the market. Not only have we increased the power of our products, but we have also included some things like a solid copper core electric motor, an oil filter, mounted the motor separate to the pump and used pipes up to the cylinder, larger and more stable wheels, UV stable powder coating, and a 4000psi pump to ensure this splitter busts through the hardest of woods, such as ironbark.

Check item details for the specifics of the item you want. Our power equipment range also includes other nifty products such as electric push lawn mowers for sale, hedge trimmers and post hole diggers. We ship across Australia, including major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.


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