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Increase Accuracy And Reduce Time Spent With A Digital Vernier Caliper

When building your own furniture, accuracy is the most important. Without it, the final product could turn out wobbly, crooked, disproportioned and whatnot. Similarly, when putting up pictures on your wall in the form of a collage-making sure that all the pictures are stuck at an equal distance with equal gaps in between is very important too. Even if one picture is stuck slightly further away than the others, it becomes very obvious and will end up bothering an onlooker a lot. Using a ruler or measuring tape may not always be the best solution. When the distance being measured is small, a ruler or tape measure may not be as accurate.

Try one of our callipers and increase accuracy while also reducing the amount of time spent on a project. This product makes measuring small distances a piece of cake be it an internal measurement or an external one. It then also remembers the set width so you don’t have to read the scale every time risking inaccuracy.

It’s Every Perfectionist's Dream Come True

Now, it is even easier to use these items as they have turned digital. You no longer have to read the scale and do the math - just glance at the screen that shows you the exact distance you are looking for.

Our range is priced at an affordable $69 - $229, with variations of 20cm and 30cm in length. Order yours today and receive delivery within 7-14 business days. We provide door-to-door delivery all across Australia. For more information, call our customer service teams today.

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