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Amplify Every Song With Our Car Amplifiers For Sale

Are you one of those people that plays music on maximum volume but still doesn’t feel the vibe because it’s never loud enough? Do you need that extra bass, reduce the treble a little, and feel the floor vibrate because of how much the speakers are vibrating? You can’t really do that in your room for too long because either your parents, partner, sibling or neighbour will probably call the cops on you.

Who said anything about not playing music, LOUD music when you’re going on a road trip? Who said you can only have speakers in your car?

Get The Right Accessories That Will Rock Your Car

With this range of car amplifiers, your road trips will never be boring ever again. Experience the next level of sound quality in a car with these 1500W - 2800W woofers. They come in black or grey to maintain a certain sense of class to the product and the car. Prices range between $42-$99, the item is compact in size but powerful in nature.

We also offer a wiring kit for this item at $25, which includes a power cable, a fuse holder, a ground cable, a remote cable, interconnect cable and other necessary tools so you don’t have to go to a mechanic and spend extra money for the installation.

Shop online and order yours today. We deliver all across Australia with 7-14 business days depending on the exact location. We will ship no matter the size of your order.

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